When history began, the culture starts to be born. Good or bad memories from the experience of many Indonesian don’t bother their current life as a strong nation. Traditional music, traditional dances, rituals, culinary, and other cultural products that are born from the history of humans’ lives must be owned by every territory that needs to be preserved.

In one of the four Greater Sunda Islands and is the eleventh largest island in the world, there is the island of Sulawesi. A district in the province of South Sulawesi continues to preserve its heritage and culture from the journey during the kingdom, the colonial rule of the Dutch East Indies, the independence period, and the upheaval of Darul Islam/Islamic Armed Forces of Indonesia, to the present day, that district named Luwu.

Luwu in the early days of the empire was the oldest, largest, and widest kingdom in South Sulawesi where the territory included Tana Luwu, Tana Toraja, Kolaka, and Poso. Until now, Luwu is a large ethnic group consisting of 12 tribes. The Bugis, Javanese, Konjo Pesisir communities and a small part of the Toraja, Minangkabau, Batak, and Malay people inhabit Luwu district.

In preserving the culture of Luwu, the 2022 Tana Luwu Cultural Week “Tanratellue Patarakkai Sumange’ Na Luwu” will be held from 17 to 23 January 2022 at the Luwu Kedatuan Palace area.

Head of the Organizing Committee Agus Riyanto said that this activity was held to preserve Tana Luwu culture, media information, provide education, and restore the community’s economy because culture and customs in Tana Luwu are the history of pride for the local community.

The distinctive culture of Tana Luwu is certainly the main thing to be present at the Tana Luwu Cultural Week. Activities such as Traditional Rituals, Cultural Carnival, Heritage Exhibition, Painting Exhibition, Photography Exhibition, Traditional Arts Festival, Birdsong Contest, People’s Market will light up local people’s lives there throughout the week.

Agus also appealed to the local community to get involved to enliven this Tana Luwu Cultural Week. A Twibbonize frame that is very into Luwu culture has been distributed to the public through Twibbonize since two weeks before the 2022 Tana Luwu Cultural Week will take place.

Tana Luwu Cultural Week – by Yusuf Eclipse

Link: https://twb.nz/pekankulturtanaluwu

It’s just one day that the Twibbonize frame was published on Twibbonize, and around 1600 Indonesians, especially those in South Sulawesi, had used the Twibbonize frame. The frame above is made in a digital size to be shared on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp on the story feature.

There is one more Twibbonize frame that you can use to support 2022 Tana Luwu Cultural Week which is suitable for you to share via the feeds feature on your social media.

Tana Luwu Cultural Week 2022 – by Smith Alekawa

Link: https://twb.nz/pekanbudayatanaluwu2022

You can use these two Twibbonize frames as a form of your self-involvement to enliven the 2022 Tana Luwu Cultural Week in accordance with the appeal from the chairman of the committee.

Claiming to be part of the Luwu community may indeed be very easy to do with the words you say. However, the life values of the Luwunese culture that need to be expressed in every life full of dynamics and challenges certainly cannot be denied. That is the most important part of an identity, that the values embraced by the soul.