Just Launched: Add-Ons for Creators to Enhance Campaign Experiences!

Hello, Twibbonize creators, we come bearing some fantastic news!

Freshly launched, we’ve brought in Add-Ons to enhance your campaigning experience when using our platform. These Add-Ons are divided into three, namely No Watermark, Ad-Free Campaign Page, and High Image Quality. Creators can use these Add-Ons to offer a more enjoyable campaign experience for their supporters. First, let’s delve into the details of each Add-On below!

No Watermark on Frames

Your supporters can now enjoy a watermark-free campaign experience when using your custom Twibbon frames! This will undoubtedly make your campaign more personal and cooler. This feature is priced at Rp85,000 for a one-time payment, and your supporters can instantly enjoy watermark-free Twibbon frames.

Ad-Free Campaign Pages

Often, ads on campaign pages can disrupt the campaign experience for your supporters. Now, we have the solution! You can remove all the bothersome ads from your campaign page, making it look cleaner for your supporters to see.

This feature operates with a quota system, where we grant you the freedom to decide how many supporters can enjoy an ad-free campaign experience. The larger the quota you set, the more users can access your ad-free and clean campaign page!

Regarding pricing, it starts from Rp100,000 for 200 supporter quotas. Of course, the cost will vary based on the amount of quota you choose. It’s also essential to note that when you activate this feature, each support you receive for your campaign will deduct one ad-free quota you’ve purchased. So, ensure you’ve calculated everything to maximize your campaign!

High Image Quality

Your supporters’ twibbon result photos can now be better and won’t appear blurry when you activate this feature! Sharp and beautiful photo quality can make your campaign stand out from the rest. For just Rp35,000, you and your supporters can already enjoy this incredible benefit!

How to Get These Add-Ons?

To enjoy these Add-Ons, you can make a purchase from one of our subscription packages on the Campaign Preferences page.

Here’s an approximate step-by-step guide to activate the Additional Features:

  1. Go to the campaign creation page.
  2. Create your campaign and publish it. Please note that Add-Ons can only be applied to campaigns that have already been created.
  3. Access the Campaign Preferences page.
  4. Choose the Additional Package that suits your needs and desires, and proceed to the payment process.

We ensure that these features are available starting from September 25, 2023, for all Twibbonize creators who want to enhance the experience of their loyal supporters on our platform.

The launch of these additional features is a significant step in our efforts to make our products and services better. We are committed to always listening to your feedback and improving our services. If you have any questions about the Additional Features, please contact our Help Center.

Subscriptions Conversion for Twibbonize Silver and Twibbonize Gold Users

Subscriptions Conversion for Twibbonize Silver and Twibbonize Gold Users

In response to the changes and merging of our subscription services to

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