We weren’t able to announce it by the end of March, but we know we shouldn’t announce it on 1st April neither, because you might think it’s April Fool’s, so here and today we announce the campaign of March’2022! Oops, let’s step aside a little bit from the psychological campaign, there’s an urgent condition in our environment tho. Have you ever realized that?

After knowing deeper the story from Riung Aksi, who created our last published featured campaign, our gaze towards the environmental issue is open wider. With that being said, we bring the Youth in Green Action Challenge campaign this March!

By hoping that more youth are encouraged to be more careful about the environment, we are here standing on the same value with Riung Aksi for our earth.

The Insight

The impact of climate change is far more than we always thought, and children become the most vulnerable group in the climate change problem.

According to the report from saving the children, children born in 2020 will experience an average of twice as many forest fires, 2.8 times as experiencing crop failure, 2.6 times experiencing drought, 2.8 times will go through river flooding, and are 6.8 times more likely to experience heatwaves throughout their lifetime compared to people born in 1960.

In this urgent stage of the situation, people especially youth are still lack awareness and action to tackle this problem, and for the children, it requires special tips and tricks to teach them about how to protect our environment. Therefore, early education is important too.

The Message

Awareness is not enough in facing the current situation of our environment. We all need to take action. Everything we do to keep our environment safe, big or small, will create an impact if we do it together.

Or should each of us experience the impact of climate change that caused by our own bad habits towards the environment?