Who’s thinking that nothing is more important than health? Do you know that hepatitis can cause inflammation of the liver that leads to severe disease and liver cancer? Yes, it’s that dangerous. Let’s celebrate World Hepatitis Day on 28 July 2022 to increase awareness of viral hepatitis.

Cited to the World Health Organization, our world is currently facing a new outbreak of unexplained acute hepatitis infections affecting children which led the organization to focus on thousands of acute viral hepatitis infections that occur among children, adolescents, and adults every year. It’s said that the world is estimated to have 78 000 deaths occurred worldwide due to complications of acute hepatitis A to E infections in 2019.

In the commemoration of World Hepatitis Day 2022, WHO wants everyone to have better access to the treatment and care for every type of hepatitis, therefore the highlight of this occasion is the need to bring hepatitis care closer to the primary health facilities and communities.

As the WHO aims to raise awareness about the need to simplify and bring hepatitis care to primary health facilities, community-based venues, and locations beyond hospital sites, the theme for this year’s highlight is “Bringing hepatitis care closer to you”.

To raise awareness and promote global action on viral hepatitis, here is something you can do with Twibbonize. Below are several frames of World Hepatitis Day for you to use and share with your friends;

World Hepatitis Day 2022

by Ningsih Susilawati

Link: twb.nz/gskhepatitisday


by Landson

Link: twb.nz/hepcantwait

World Hepatitis Day 28 Juli

by Puskesmas Kampak

Link: twb.nz/pkmkampakhepatitisday2021

Hari Hepatitis Sedunia 2022

by Dinkes kota semarang

Link: twb.nz/harihepatitisdkksmg2

Hari Hepatitis 28 Juli 2022


Link: twb.nz/harihepatitis2022

Hari Hepatitis Sedunia 2022

by promkes rsgj

Link: twb.nz/hepa

Hari Hepatitis Sedunia 2022

by 3_Arindah Tratu Mahardian

Link: twb.nz/hhs2022

Wherever the people and the communities are, you, us, and we all need to get closer to the hepatitis treatment and care. Therefore, by each of us sharing our photo in the World Hepatitis Day frame, we have spread the information about it and it is very possible to raise others’ awareness about the disease. So, don’t wait, and let’s act now!