Finally, we are in July! 🎊 How was last June for you? Was that colorful? passionate? energetic? or dramatic? It may be like a ghost that suddenly disappear, wasn’t it?

There are varied campaigns colored Twibbonize in June 2022, and it has got a lot of supporters from varied audiences. We also have talked about some of it here in our newsroom and on social media. However, how do we choose the campaign of the month for June 2022? It’s not easy, but we have one here which has been going on since last year, but still running with the same spirit now.

This is it, War on Drugs campaign. As the name said, the campaign is about illicit drug abuse. There is a deeper meaning to the word “war” in the campaign as it is meaningful for a country.

Have you read “Indonesian National Narcotics Agency Targets Youths with Twibbonize” yet?

The Insights

The origin of this campaign is from Indonesia. The Indonesian National Narcotics Agency through an education platform for youth called Rean (which stands for Rumah Edukasi Anti Narkoba means Anti-Drug Education Center) has been started to targets the younger generation of Indonesia in the efforts to prevent and eradicate narcotics.

The Indonesian National Narcotics Agency realized that there is a lot of great potentials that Indonesian youth have. With that being said, advancing digital campaigns and boosting social media performance are the concerns of the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency.

The Message

“War” in War on Drugs campaign is not the nation conflict, but it is the inner war of oneself. Especially for youth. Illicit drug abuse is negative and War on Drugs said we have to be positive. There are a lot of positive things to do besides using illegal drugs, such as exercising, joining communities towards positive goals, doing hobbies in the right way, etc. Think about positive things that will have good results or benefits for yourself.

Efforts for drug prevention and eradication are long-term efforts to face the illicit drug abuse problem in the country. So is the campaign, therefore, War on Drugs has to be a sustainable campaign.