Have you ever seen the full moon in its brightest light with your naked eyes? It will happen on Vesak day, yes soon on this May, exactly on 26 May 2022. Vesak day or Vesākha in Pali, Vaiśākha in Sanskrit, falls in the fifth month of the Roman Calendar, or on the 15th of the fourth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Maybe you think that Vesak is a feast for Buddhists, however, Vesak day is the most sacred day for Buddhists around the world, but it is not limited to a religious procession for one of the oldest religions in the world. Two and a half millennia ago, in 623 B.C., the Buddha was born on Vesak day. The Buddha also attained enlightenment (or called Nibbāna by Buddhists) and passed away (or called Parinirvāna by Buddhists) on Vesak day. Therefore, Vesak day is a day of remembrance for Buddhists of the three sacred events (holy tri) that millions of Buddhists who follow the teachings of the Buddha commemorate Vesak day.

In 2022, Vesak Day will coincide with the year 2566 BE (Buddhist Era). The Buddhist calendar starts from the death of Buddha at the age of 80 which is in 544 BC, and the year 1 BE begins in 544 BC.

On this day, you will find the temples decorated beautifully as Buddhists usually a get-together there to do the worship with flowers, candles, and incense offerings. For Buddhists, Vesak day reminds them to practice the three traits that the Buddha taught, such as love, peace, and harmony, also reminds them of the message from Buddha about compassion, peace, and goodwill. With that being said, the spirit to celebrate Vesak is usually filled with the social event such as blood donation, charity, etc.

Today, with Twibbonize we can spread the meaning of Vesak to others on social media with beautiful Vesak frames such as some below:

Waisak 2022

by winda lu

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Vesak Day

by Karunna Irma Fitria

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Hari Waisak

by Prita Laura

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Happy Vesak Day 2566BE

by Ubay

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Happy Vesakh

by Lyly H

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Atisa DIpamkara Vesak Day Twibbon

by Albert Fernando

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Happy vesak day

by Anjas Asgita

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Happy Vesak Day 2566 BE / 2022

by Narada School

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The teaches of Buddha make Vesak day not only for Buddhists, but spreading the meaningful Buddha’s teachings will certainly carry out a humanitarian mission to achieve world peace. This could lead us to cope with the complexities of the world. So, let’s invite your family and friends to commemorate Vesak with Twibbonize and start to spread compassion.