We all know that Indonesia is an extraordinarily diverse country, including in terms of culture which is closely related to the tourism sector. Various efforts have been made to preserve and develop the culture and tourism both by the Indonesian community and the government. As the one held in a regency at the west of Nias Island, North Sumatra Province. It is West Nias Regency that held an annual event called Festival Pesona Aekhula (FPA).

In 2022, the FPA is held as an effort to accelerate the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. With the theme of “The Spirit of Aekhula”, this year’s FPA can be interpreted as a spirit of togetherness and cooperation from all West Nias people to revive tourism, culture, and the economic sector which had slumped during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The preparations for FPA have been seen in various promotional activities carried out through the installation of banners and billboards in several strategic locations and around the locations of the event which at three points in Sirombu District, such as at Tetesua Sirombu Football Field, Sirombu beach, and at the fishing pond in Tugalagawu village.

The enthusiasm for FPA 2022 can also be seen through various publications spread on social media. Although there are still a dozen days before FPA starts on June 18, 2022, a Twibbonize frame used to support this event has already been used by more than 4 thousand people.

PESONA AEKHULA • by Nias Barat – Soguna Bazato

Link: twb.nz/pesonaaekhula

This event will last for five days and will end on June 22, 2022. Citing the West Nias Regency Government, Duties of the Head of the West Nias Regency Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports Office April Imelda Juita Hia, S.Pd., M.Si said that several interesting activities are open for all people of the Nias Islands, including Show of Cultural Studios and Performances, Aekhula Voice Contest, Culinary Festival, Handicraft Contest, Kite Contest, Photo Spot, and Fishing Mania. The local government has also prepared a total prize of IDR 40 million for the competitions, and there will be entertainment by local artists throughout the event. You can access details for participating in these activities here.

The purpose of FAP is to preserve cultural values and promote the tourism potential of the West Nias Regency. This event is also expected to be able to promote the tourist destinations that have not been widely known by the local community and outside the Nias island, so as to increase the number of tourist visits, both from local, domestic and foreign tourists.

Not only the West Nias people can support this event, but with Twibbonize all Indonesians from Sabang to Meraku can give it support. It’s as simple as using and sharing the Twibbonize frame above to your social media and inviting your other friends too.