Quoting from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s YouTube, the Jakarta Collaboration Festival is a celebration of real actions done in building the capital city, focusing on collaboration and innovation.

This year, the Jakarta Collaboration Festival was held on Sunday, October 2, 2022, in Kota Tua Jakarta. During the event, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government used the opportunity to give appreciation to the partners who have collaborated with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in realizing a better Jakarta.

Having collaborated with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government for approximately one year, Twibbonize happily receives the “Best Collaborator” award. This award was given to Twibbonize on the recommendation of the Department of Communication, Informatics, and Statistics based on the assessment and consideration by the Regional Cooperation Bureau.

As a young startup company that was only recently established in 2019, this award is definitely an honor for Twibbonize. One of Twibbonize’s main visions is to create a safe and comfortable space for young people to continuously develop innovations. It aligns with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s vision and general theme for Jakarta Collaboration Festival, which always puts growth forward through the latest innovations.

In addition to being grateful for the award given, Twibbonize is also very thankful for the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Twibbonize Group CEO Muhammad Mulqan stated, “As part of the young generation, we have a big vision regarding the importance of innovation and collaboration. And it turns out that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government does too. So we feel grateful to be able to realize this vision with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government”.

As we advance, Twibbonize has prepared various plans for more exciting news at the end of 2022 and the upcoming year of 2023. We have high ambitions and aspirations to continue collaborating, creating, and developing other innovations, so look forward to more awesome updates from us!

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