Did you know that one of the most beautiful villages in the world is located in Indonesia? The village is called Nagari Pariangan. This is an ancient village located precisely in Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. The beauty of the village is not only that we seen through the eyes, but it can also be felt on its cultural values.

To introduce this village’s cultural heritage, the largest inaugural cultural event ever in there which is “Pesona Pariangan Nagari Terindah Festival” will be held on June 25-26, 2022. The event is organized by involving several parties from the community leaders, artists , cultural observers, to the local government.

A Twibbonize frame to digitally enliven this event has received thousands of support from the Indonesian people, especially those in West Sumatra.

Pesona Pariangan • by Ali Akbar

Link: twb.nz/pesonaparingan

Citing journalminang.com, a series of events to be held are traditional art performances, traditional culinary bazaars, cultural photo competitions, content creator competitions for YouTubers, oral literature performances, traditional and cultural ritual performances and various other interesting attractions. The activities of this event will be centered at the Sultan Suri Maharajo Dirajo football field, in Nagari Pariangan.

This event targets Indonesia’s young generation, especially those who lives in Tanah Datar Regency, so that they can inherit the wealth of their territory. Nagari Pariangan is the oldest village in the Minangkabau area and is a recommended destination if you visit West Sumatra. Reporting from the Travel Budget site, the beauty of this village can even be competed with the village of Eze in France and the village of Wengen in Switzerland.

To support the success of the Pesona Pariangan Nagari Terindah Festival, you can put a photo in the Twibbonize frame above and share it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp.