Turn Your Skill to Cash With Twibbonize Marketplace

From tips on writing your description and keeping a buyer engaged, for designers out there, this is your guide to make the most out of Twibbonize Marketplace.

Each campaign creator surely has their own idea of a visually appealing design that would suit their cause—but not everyone is equipped with the skills to bring their vision alive. That’s why our team established the Twibbonize Marketplace, a platform where creators can go searching for talents to design their campaign twibbons (picture frames), posters, and thumbnails.

So if you’re a designer, opportunity knocks! Averaging hundreds of thousands of users daily, Twibbonize is a bustling online space filled with people aspiring to make their campaign look even better. Tapping into this can mean two things for you: income and exposure—the latter of which may include works beyond the categories we have on the platform (if you play your cards right).

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to make sure that you can get the most out of Twibbonize Marketplace!

Price it right and be detailed

Surely you want to make as much money as possible, but you might end up with none if you don’t set your price right.

Researching competitors is one of the ways to keep your price in line with the market. But that’s only good as a baseline, you need to also take into account the quality and level of service that you offer and then adjust accordingly.

To justify your pricing, make use of the description box when posting your service! Talk a little bit about your experience, provide a link to an external portfolio, and appeal with perks that set you apart from the competitors.

It’s also a good idea to include your location and spoken language, the number of design options and revisions that you’re willing to do, available formats, feedback and approval systems, etc. Offering as many details as possible can minimize miscommunication and the need to go back and forth with your buyers. Thus, you’re saving time, and setting these rules and boundaries also protects you from getting wrung dry by your buyer for a cheap.

Showcase attractive designs

It should go without saying that first impressions matter, especially for visual designs. And Twibbonize Marketplace allows you to set your best foot forward through nicely-sized thumbnails that appear on our main listing.

Showcase your creative range by putting up a selection of your designs based on your chosen category—be it frames, posters, or thumbnails. Don’t be afraid to upload plenty, because you can add up to 6 items for each post!

Respond quickly

Once you’ve attracted your buyers, the next task is keeping them engaged. Respond to any message from interested parties as quickly as possible to negotiate on price or answer questions. If you don’t respond to their inquiries within 24 hours, they may take their business to another talent. Thus, it’s important to make sure you have your inboxes monitored!

Get Started

Obviously, all these tips would go to waste if you don’t dip your feet into Twibbonize Marketplace. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this guide on how to apply as one of our design talents and get registered now!

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