To Increase the Level of Literacy in Philippines, Here Are 10 Twibbonize to Commemorate the National Reading Month

Literacy level is as important as measuring the development of a country. Being literate means being socially engaged, able to communicate, keep updated about current issues, and ready to face the challenge in life. The key to being literate is reading. Since 2011, November is commemorated as a National Reading Month in the Philippines declared by the Department of Education. To commemorate reading and learning in the Philippines, you can pick and use the following Twibbonize frames:

Frame for the celebration of National Reading Month 2021

by Aldrin De la cruz


To promote the importance of reading, this Twibbonize invites you to celebrate National Reading Month. “Bawat bata bumabasa sa kabila ng hamon ng pandemya” written on the frame which means “Every child reads despite the challenge of the pandemic”. 3 thousand more Filipinos even have used this frame.


by Marc Dayeinu Sacueza


In line with the National Reading Month Celebration, Bicol Regional Science High School, Philippines held a Communication Arts Festival 2021. With this Twibbonize frame, you are invited to join the remembrance of respect and thankfulness together with more than 500 other Filipinos who are already using this Twibbonize frame.

National Reading Month and English Month Celebration

by Mary Jelyn Kate Gatlabayan


“Bawat Bata Bumabasa sa Kabila ng Hamon ng Pandemya” as the theme of National Reading Month 2021 in the Philippines, San Jose National High School reminds the Filipinos that education and reading lead to a never-ending journey. Through this frame, San Jose National High School invites you to build a reading culture. More than 5 hundred people have used this frame.


by Marianne May


The vintage-style background on this frame will make your photos look attractive on social media to celebrate National Reading Day in the Philippines. Currently, more than 4 hundred Filipinos are already using this frame to celebrate the National Reading Month 2021 digitally.

National Reading Month 2021

by Angel josh Yasis


This Twibbonize frame came from Labo Science and Technology High School in cooperation with the English Department and English Club to celebrate the NATIONAL READING MONTH and ENGLISH MONTH this November. More than 4 hundred people have used the frame for their photos, and now is your turn!


by Maria Elisa Escaniel


“READ AND LEAD #ReadingIsEssential” described this Twibbonize frame. This is Western Bicutan National School’s effort to raise awareness of the importance of reading during the celebration of National Reading Month in the Philippines. Almost 3 hundred people have even supported Twibbonize this frame.

BNES National Reading Month 2021

by Gilmore IV Villaflores


This Twibbonize frame has a cute and attractive design with the picture of children in reading. To achieve the goal of holding National Reading Month a firm sentence of “Never Stop Reading! We Love Reading! BNES Love Reading!” is used on this frame’s description. There are more than 2 hundred Filipinos who have used this Twibbonize frame.

BNHS Reading Month 2021

by James Gabriel A. Regondola


Basud National High School, Philippines also celebrate National Reading Month through this cute and attractive Twibbonize frame. More than 2 hundred people have used this Twibbonize to celebrate the National Reading Month 2021 with Basud National High School.

BNAHS-EPC Celebrate National Reading Month

by andrei kurt obanil


The choice of brown color is dominant in the Twibbonize frame National Reading Month 2021 in the Philippines. English Proficiency Club, BNAHS use this Twibbonize for their profile picture frame when the National Reading Month celebration and almost 2 hundred people have used this frame.

AFGBMTS National Reading Month 2021

by AFGSHS English Club


Red and white are the colors selected for this frame. “Join the campaign of the HUMSS 1A English Club for the Celebration of 10th National Reading Month here at AFGBMTS, Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines” invitation words on this Twibbonize frame to celebrate the National Reading Month 2021. More than 200 people have supported and participated in this event.

Besides using and sharing your photo with those Twibbonize frames, there are other suggested activities from for National reading Month in the Philippines, such as helping a reader by being a volunteer in schools or learning centers to help the non-readers and other learners with reading difficulties, join the symposium of Reading Family to help the children learning to read at home, and join the Araw ng Pagbasa Challenge on November 27 at 9:00 am Philippine Standard Time to observe the nationwide synchronized reading activity. By reading, your knowledge is limitless. Incredibly insightful learning materials are what you will get by reading. In recognition of reading’s significance for life, support the Twibbonize frame described above or find the more interesting frame of National Reading Month on the Twibbonize page.

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