Tireless Struggle for the Pride

In some countries, they celebrate the month of June as Pride Month, and in some other countries, they held the International LGBT + Pride Day on the last weekend of each June. Every day, we hear more and more LGBT people declare themselves, even routinely give affirmations, and start carrying their identity with rainbow colors.

It all started with the Christopher Street Liberation Day March on June 28, 1970. Through a flier, the first Pride march in New York was announced by saying “What it will all come to no one can tell. It is our hope that the day will come when homosexuals will be an integral part of society, being treated as human beings.” Cited to nytimes.com, the flier also implied that such a change can only be the result of a long hard struggle against bigotry, prejudice, persecution, exploitation, even genocide.” The first Gay Pride march managed to cover the 51 blocks to Central Park.

Currently not in all territories yet the people have the right to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), queer, or gender-nonbinary. Cited to catedraeducacionjusticiasocial.org, there are countries where sexual-affective orientation, gender identity, or expression is not accepted as a fundamental right, and it is institutionally criminalized in some countries, but in other countries also on a social level, showing a situation of injustice that should have been overcome a long time ago.

Even in the most progressive laws countries, the acts of hatred and discrimination toward LGBT people continue.

However, whether it is Pride Day or Pride Month, the fight for equality and dignity of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people is visible today and celebrated every June. Even Twibbonize has been enlivened with a rainbow-colored frame design, such as below:

Pride 2022

by Sutherland

Link: twb.nz/pride-2022

Pride Month Frame 3

by Jinal Sachapara

Link: twb.nz/pridemonthframe3

pride month frame 1

by Jinal Sachapara

Link: twb.nz/pridemonthframe1

Pride Month Frame 4

by Jinal Sachapara

Link: twb.nz/pridemonthframe4

Pride Month Frame 2

by Jinal Sachapara

Link: twb.nz/pridemonthframe2


by Rice

Link: twb.nz/dasmapride


by Angeline Casitas

Link: twb.nz/pride2k22

BOLANGIWOG: Partido Pride Day 2022

by David Con Rivero

Link: twb.nz/bolangiwog

Millions of campaigns organized from anywhere have been created on Twibbonize for everyone can easily support it from anywhere, and so with the Pride campaign here. The frames above are just some of them, you can find more frames for the LGBTQ+ community in Twibbonize. These campaigns and supports certainly show a tireless fight for that deprived recognition of the LGBT+ community.

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