TikTok Video + Twibbonize = ?

Is TikTok enough to voice out your campaign?

We understand that every social media has its own advantages for your needs. But, we also don’t want to waste its advantage tho.

However, don’t get it too confused and don’t waste your prospective campaign plan. Just put it on us! Embed your TikTok post for the campaign in its Twibbonize campaign page. It’s simple to set up! We don’t need the TikTok’s embed feature anyway.

Exactly when you create the campaign on Twibbonize, go to the Module Store and find the “Embed TikTok”. Set the title and put the TikTok video link there. See, the preview can even play the video guys!

Spotify Your Campaign!

Spotify Your Campaign!

Add tunes to your campaign!

Perfect Your Campaign with the Media Module

Perfect Your Campaign with the Media Module

Enrich your campaign with Media Module

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