You may have seen something Pink with the Filipino nuance on our trending page in these past few weeks. Or maybe it’s the green-red that you noticed? or the blue-red? Are questioning what’s going on in the Philippines? That is the presidential and vice presidential election campaign. Yes, political campaign with Twibbonize, why not?

The 2022 presidential and vice presidential election campaign period in the Philippines started on February 8, 2022, and the elections are scheduled to be held on May 9, 2022. Quoted to Wikipedia, in the Philippines, the president and vice-president will be elected separately, and the two winning candidates could thus come from different political parties.

In the 2022 Philippines presidential and vice presidential election, there are six couples are currently running for the campaign. A pink couple of Philippines presidential and vice-presidential candidates is Leni Robredo and Sen Kiko Pangilinan. Bong-Bong Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte are also among the candidates with the green-red branding. There is Senator Ping Lacson coupled with Vicente Tito Sotto too, who brings the identity of the Philippines’ flag color. Then, Mayor Isko Moreno together with Willie Ong, Manny Pacquiao with Lito Atienza, and Leody de Guzman with Walden Bello also running for this presidential campaign.

All couples must have their own positioning for the people of the Philippines. As we can see that each of them also has a different way of carrying out this presidential campaign. However, Twibbonize is one of the campaign tools for this presidential and vice presidential election campaign. Various Twibbonize frames from these couples are widely spread on various social media, especially on Facebook. The supporters identified themselves as the supporter of a certain candidate with the frame they are using for their shared photo. Below are the several campaign frames:


by CYA



by Marvyn Johan Dela Cruz



by Jeff Uson


#IkawNaISKO: Bilis Kilos!

by Bilis Kilos



by gio scapular



by John Rovic Ngo


Along with the crowds in Twibbonize, the Philippines’ presidential and vice-presidential election campaigns are buzzing in various locations in the country and on various communication platforms. Well, the importance of having a digital strategy campaign doesn’t fully cancel out the effectiveness of conventional action as long as it goes in a safe and conducive way without the hubbub.

We have prepared how to perfect your campaign for the political occasion with us anyway, and you can check it on Twibbonize Guide. Brilliant ideas for winning the election, gaining the public trust, personal branding, all is possible in a simple way with us.