It is already near the anniversary of the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta will turn 495, precisely on June 22, 2022. This year, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta uses the term “Jakarta Hajatan” which means “Jakarta Celebration” and invites all Indonesian people everywhere to commemorate it together through Twibbonize. Like in the previous year, several Twibbonize frames are officially launched today to be used and shared by the Indonesian people on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, including instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, and others.


Jakarta Hajatan ke-495 • by Pemprov DKI Jakarta


The frame is created meaningfully in accordance with the optimistic message from the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to make Jakarta a CollaborateAccelerate, and Elevate City.


When you visit Jakarta, you may hear or see publications that promote the identity of “Jakarta a city of collaboration”, and at this age, Jakarta is celebrating its identity with passion as a “City of Collaboration”.


With the various efforts that have been, are being, and will be carried out, Jakarta city is in the efforts to step forward in dealing with various issues by highlighting the “Accelerate” message to all elements of the city and the world.


The meaning of “elevate” encourages Jakarta to continue to grow in the global arena, as the vision of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta is to make “Jakarta a developed, sustainable and cultured city with the people involved in realizing civility, justice, and prosperity for all”.

The term “hajatan” or celebration is also used to celebrate this special day more closely with the people of Jakarta. The meaning of the word is closely related to reception or congratulations for an achievement. The term’s origin comes from Betawi culture whose people mostly live in Jakarta and its surroundings.

Not only those Jakarta residents but all Indonesian people anywhere in the world are expected to participate in celebrating the anniversary of Jakarta. That’s why the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is here with Twibbonize to make it easier for anyone to support this special occasion.