The Journey of Twibbonize To Go International

It’s been about a year since Twibbonize has launched, and has shown progress with the campaigns. While many campaigns are hard to be heard and need a lot of costs to make it move, Twibbonize believes that many people are willing to support a good movement. Maybe many of you did not aware of the existence of Twibbonize which has been helping you participate or join in a campaign.

It all begins with the daily college students’ productivity, Twibbonize is made just as a simple platform designed with a simple mission which is to help college friends to be easier to hold a campaign. No one thought that this platform would have such great benefits beyond that mission.

Twibbonize was born in Indonesia and raised by a group of young people who are passionate about exchanging ideas, innovation, creativity, and knowledge. Ideas to provide solutions for existing problems poured in a campaign are developed by relying on the power of technology. The development began in 2019, the founders and co-founders of Twibbonize met to build a vision and mission together.

Easy-to-use features are the cornerstone of the development of Twibbonize. For around one year, Twibbonize assemble the company’s puzzle and was tried to apply the best work system as a start-up company.

Twibbonize drove together with the campaigns with them. Entering the year 2021, Twibbonize seems to be carried away by the current resistance to the COVID-19 pandemic. Twibbonize users jumped from October 2020 to November 2021 with a total of 1.6 million campaigns created on Twibbonize.

Starting with campaigns held as college assignments, the benefits of Twibbonize extend to various campaign needs from small, medium, large, to worldwide organizations. More than 573 thousand campaign creators beyond the Indonesian archipelago use Twibbonize to make their campaign even bigger. It is one of Twibbonize’s achievements, be able to help campaigns reach the global community.

Since its inception, Twibbonize users have reached 91,957,003. In other words, the number represents the people who use the frames to join a campaign via Twibbonize with the growth depicted in the graph below.

The Campaigns in Twibbonize hit the attention from country to country and brought Twibbonize to be used by people from all over the world. According to the latest Twibbonize data, the campaign from Taiwan, Myanmar, and Singapore has the highest increment in using Twibbonize to develop the campaign by 365 percent, 359 percent, and 242 percent. Then this number is followed by India with an increase of 159 percent, Thailand 81 percent, and the United States by 72 percent.

Make it loud, that’s the power of Twibbonize that makes this platform spread its wings across continent after continent. Being creative internationally is a golden opportunity for the Twibbonize team members.

The spirit of the people in Twibbonize is manifested in their work performance. That’s what Twibbonize is all about. Even though they are still very young, people in Twibbonize are always be motivated to give their best for Twibbonize.

As a start-up company, every member of the Twibbonize team goes through ups and downs, and for that, the Twibbonize team realizes the importance to continue their innovations and breakthroughs. Now and here, Twibbonize is one of the fast-growing tech start-ups from Indonesia with a big mission for all good causes. Any campaign can be found, and any campaign can be held with Twibbonize.