The Campaign “Supports” in Twibbonize Has Changed

Your campaign “Supports” is your true “Supporters” now

What we would like to tell here is that we always try to go deeper and think in our users’ way. There is one thing that we see from the Twibbonize campaign creator’s side is that it is important to know about how is the actual support received by the campaign, we bet you need this if you are here.

Howdoes it works to count your true campaign supporters? The campaign will get one supporter when one of your modules got an interaction from a number of user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, for example:

  • The campaign frame got downloaded by a user, or
  • The campaign button got one click by a user, or
  • The campaign media got one file downloaded by a user.

Then, how about the existing number of supports that your campaign has achieved?

No need to worry guys, let’s just let the number stay as it is and continues to increase with this new way to count the campaign supporters.

As a home for every campaign, we want to create an as best experience possible for every campaign creator. That’s why we are here for something that might sound minor and trivial to you, but we are sure it means a lot if you are truly into your campaign movement.

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