The industry that remains cool even though got hit the COVID-19 pandemic, still, the world-class aviation has just announced something exciting for the citizens around the world. When international flights still have to face strict health protocol, the announcement regarding the 2022 World Airport Awards has been released by Skytrax.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 World Airport Awards were limited to online announcements because of the restrictions. However, now Skytrax has confirmed that the 2022 Awards event will go ahead.

The 2022 World Airport Awards will be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. The event will take place in the exhibition hall after the conference at the Passenger Terminal EXPO in Paris, France.

Quoted from the official page of Passenger Terminal EXPO 2022, CEO of Skytrax, Edward Plaisted said that the collaboration with Passenger Terminal EXPO enables Skytrax to host the World Airport Awards at a venue. It provides the platform to publicly honor the winning airports, while at the same time delivering an awards ceremony that is not influenced by any third party. What very clear synergies between the two events.

On, Edward Plaisted said “We are very hopeful that by April 2022 there will a greater return to some normality, and that airports from across the world will be able to attend. We have received an overwhelming vote of support and confidence in staging the 2022 event at Passenger Terminal EXPO, and we look forward to welcoming back many familiar faces from the world airport industry, as well of course as all the new award winners that will be attending. The last two years have been the most exacting and troubling times for airports worldwide, and we look forward to providing a platform where all of their hard work and diligence dealing with the issues caused by COVID-19 can be rewarded and celebrated.”

The categories that will be awarded on the 2022 World Airport Awards are 2 Star Airlines, 2022 World Airport Awards, 3 Star Airlines, 3 Star Airports, 3 Star Lounges, 3 Star Low-Cost Airline, 3 Star Regional Airports, 4 Star Airlines, 4 Star Airports, 4 Star Lounges, 4 Star Low-Cost Airline, 4 Star Regional Airports, 4 Star Terminal, 5 Star Airlines, 5 Star Airports, 5 Star Lounges, 5 Star Low-Cost Airline, 5 Star Regional Airports, 5 Star Terminal, Air transport industry, Airline Products, Airlines, Airports, ANA All Nippon Airways, China, COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating, COVID-19 Airport Rating, COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating, COVID-19 Lounge Safety Rating, COVID-19 Rating, Flying 5-Star, Full-service Airline, Hub Airport, Japan, Leisure Airline, Low-Cost Airline, Munich Airport, Oneworld, Qatar, Regional Airport, Russia, SkyTeam, Star Alliance, Tokyo International Airport Haneda, Uncategorised, and World Airline Awards.

The red flag carrier of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia airline nominated as The World’s Best Airlines, The World’s Best Cabin Crew, and COVID-19 Airline. A Twibbonize frame has been created and invites people to support Garuda Indonesia for the nominations.



As a national pride airline with the best service it offers, Garuda Indonesia has received more than 2,000 supports through the Twibbonize frame.

Last year, Garuda Indonesia received a special award for the “2021 Covid-19 Airline Excellence Awards”, and succeeded in establishing its existence as the best airline in Indonesia by being awarded as the Best Airline in Indonesia, Best Cabin Crew in Indonesia, and Best Airline Staff in Indonesia.

The World Airport Awards began in 1999 and in 2022 the event is open to all Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE. According to, the 2022 World Airport Awards is considered as the Oscars of the airport industry, therefore, a large guest attendance is expected at the 2022 awards in Paris. Known as the Passengers Choice Awards, the awards are based on customer evaluations of airport service and facility quality standards across over 500 airports.

Skytrax is an international air transportation rating agency from London, England. Through its official website, Skytrax tells us a special feature of the 2022 event will be the live presentation of the latest 5-Star Airport Star Rating awards, which are normally presented on a country-specific basis for each of the world’s 5-Star Airports.