This July is the time for the people of the Philippines to pay attention to health matters, as it is National Nutrition Month. This is an annual event held every year and led by the National Nutrition Council (NNC).

NNC has approved the theme for this year’s commemoration of Nutrition Month, which is “New normal na nutrisyon, sama-samang gawan ng solusyon!” Cited to NNC’s website, the theme calls for strengthened nutrition interventions and solidarity towards nutrition improvement as the country shifts towards living with the COVID-19 virus, and it signifies the key role of nutrition in building resilience from the pandemic to the endemic paradigm.

According to NNC, the Nutrition Month campaign aims to highlight the importance of nutrition in recovery, stimulate discussions on how to build back better the design and delivery of nutrition interventions, and encourage the participation of various sectors to promote nutrition.

As this occasion is on a national scale, NNC invites stakeholders such as national and local governments, NGOs, civil society organizations, and communities to join in the commemoration. All stakeholders are expected to implement evidence-based and innovative solutions to increase resilience and improve nutrition outcomes and create a campaign plan in July 2022 by including sustaining activities for the rest of the year.

NNC has also created a Twibbonize frame for anyone to use in order to support the commemoration of National Nutrition Month such as below:

2022 Nutrition Month • by National Nutrition Council


Not only the NNC, but the Department of Education of the Philippines has also created a Twibbonize frame of National Nutrition Month as below:

2022 Nutrition Month • by DepEd Philippines


Thousands of Filipinos have shown their support by using the frame for their best picture and sharing it on social media. You can also do it and join the celebration by using and sharing the frame along with the use of hashtag #2022NutritionMonth.