Disassembling the work system and going through a high risk in any progress, that’s typical of start-up companies. But how the inside actually is the most important right? So is Twibbonize.

You already know that Twibbonize is a start-up company from Indonesia, you do? If the question is how good is the working environment at a start-up company, it might be difficult to find the right answer due to many perspectives and conditions. However, Twibbbonize applies a “real” start-up working culture.

It’s only been about a year since Twibbonize was founded, it turns out that the implementation of “real” start-up culture has proven that it works effectively for Twibbonize. Not because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote working system has been implemented by Twibbonize since its inception. Let’s take a look at how is it at the start-up companies that have always been helping you to find the campaign you’re looking for.

Fast-paced Work As Required In Start-Up Company Seems Not Really Applicable In Twibbonize. Oh Really?

Twibbonize does respect the work preferences of each of the team members. Time, place, pace, atmosphere, everything is as comfortable as they want since everyone has their own work style, and Twibbonize realized that.

Oops… don’t get it wrong. It doesn’t mean that Twibbonize doesn’t have a working hour regulation and they don’t work as they should. The flexibility of working hours at Twibbonize is implemented for everyone is feel free to set their working hours.

By knowing this, there is no direct interaction between them. However, Twibbonize allows each team to freely actualize themselves outside the company.

So, How Can It Be Effective For Twibbonize?

Human Resource Manager of Twibbonize, Nicky, said that the work results are the main benchmark at Twibbonize. “That’s okay as long as the work can be completed at the deadline, there is no problem. This determines the effectiveness of working at Twibbonize. Regarding the working hours, of course, Twibbonize keeps monitoring by providing a time-tracker so that both Twibbonize and its personnel can monitor the work. The point is Twibbonize gives its personnel freedom while providing a space to show integrity and professionalism without going outside the company’s rules” said Nicky.

The working system that seems enjoyable doesn’t mean that no waves are approaching Twibbonize. It is undeniable that the significant changes occur from time to time, but people at Twibbonize always have their own way to get through it as the working culture at Twibbonize requires each of them to not just be able to work as a team but also be able to be independent and have high initiative.

Besides that, good communication is very necessary, and Twibbonize also provides prepared accommodation. Includes the software to supports their work which is always maximized to maintain their work productivity.

Team Twibbonize Be Like: What Is That? Up and Down Communication?

In organizational communication that we know, the interaction between teams takes place through vertical up and down communication, and horizontal communication, but it seems that this concept is not applied in Twibbonize. There are no walls that limit their communication.

Everyone at Twibbonize is free to share their ideas in large groups, provide each other’s input, and even post a meme as a joke to share. The company hierarchy is not a primary thing for the Twibbonize team. Very informal and casual communication makes them comfortable to start a conversation about anything. Everyone is open to any discussion or ready to be a mentor to one another. You don’t have to worry about whether you adapt easily or not, because that’s how friendly the Twibbonize team is.

With this kind of communication system like this, how is the bureaucracy in Twibbonize?

“Of course, it’s not complicated. You need something, just tell it to the authorized person. As a start-up that has a fast work pace, we hope that the work can be done, and we don’t want differences in positions level to become a wall that makes you reluctant to your boss or co-workers. It’s as simple as that. We value you as a person who can tell your wants, needs, opinions, and inputs, not just an employee who follows the directions from superiors based on different levels of position.”

Twibbonize is designed with a direct communication style in mind. The key is to convey not only what you think, but also what you feel with a clear intention. It means, there is no ambiguity in the conversation between the Twibbonize team. Everyone says exactly what they meant explicitly. That’s how Twibbonize was growing from an early age to keep up with the developments of the world. You just have to be you, for anyone to join in Twibbonize.

Twibbonize Team’s Comfort Zone

Being comfortable in a job is the most important and prioritized for most people’s careers. Speaking of a comfort zone, what does a comfort zone at work mean to you? Job desk in line with education background? Coworkers who have the same frequency as you? Or an industry that is in line with your hobby?

Let’s think again, does being in your comfort zone really make you comfortable? because at Twibbonize there is always an opportunity for everyone to learn, grow, and develop in something new. The opportunities that Twibbonize provides to all of its teams pave the path to extraordinary and hard-to-get experiences.

Human Resource Manager Twibbonize for example. Nicky started his role in Twibbonize as Customer Excellence Support. Over time, as many changes that have occurred in Twibbonize, Nicky is considered to be capable of embracing her friends in Twibbonize and this is seen as a potential in Nicky that she can be developed in other areas besides Customer Excellence Support, which is in the management of Human Resources (HR) in Twibbonize. Nicky finally accepted a new challenge to take on the task in the Human Resource area and transferred his role of Customer Excellence Support to another personnel of Twibbonize. From the recruitment process, personnel administration, job appraisal, compensation, and benefits, to career planning, Nicky slowly learned for her friends in Twibbonize.

“The important thing is that we are willing to learn and have the courage to show. We all learn together at Twibbonize, there are many sources of knowledge that we can get and apply in the company, including in terms of making decisions, being responsible, or even just the desire to explore your passion. Twibbonize sees and appreciates all you give. There are tons of opportunities to improve in Twibbonize, as long as we allow ourselves to be a part of that improvement.” said Nicky.

Judging from this fun work culture, it is not without reason that Twibbonize is growing rapidly as a start-up company, the welfare of each team member is indeed very important for Twibbonize. The company offers not only a fun working atmosphere but also a competitive salary.

The scheme and distribution of compensation and benefits at Twibbonize are also designed a little differently from most start-up companies and other large corporations. It is can be said that this is one of the advantages of Twibbonize for job seekers. Welfare in Twibbonize is considered through the standard of wages that can be told to be above the average. At least IDR 6 million per month is earned for full-time positions and Junior positions in Twibbonize, while for senior positions or team leaders at least get IDR 8 million per month.

If you imagine how fun it is to work at a start-up company, maybe you need to be careful because there are indeed many challenges that you have to deal with, and not all start-up companies apply a ‘real’ start-up working culture. However, it is undeniable that this article tells you so many interesting things about Twibbonize.

This working culture seems to have been ingrained in Twibbonize’s personnel. Until now, it’s been about a year since the Twibbonize team was established, and most of them still haven’t met each other in person yet. While they enjoy the flexibility of the working system implemented, the Twibbonize team still hopes that they will all be able to meet each other someday.