Have you ever been involved in a social movement that taught you to share? Here, we have found you a campaign from a non-profit organization called Paragotral Indonesia. The name is an abbreviation of “Para Golongan Netral” which means “the neutrals”. The organization realizes a better Indonesia by instilling the nature of the nation’s successor who cares and likes to share neutrally, wherever, whenever, and with anyone.

Paragotral Indonesia utilizes social media as a platform to share knowledge with the young generation of Indonesia by having educational activities in a fun way. There are various creative programs held by Paragotral Indonesia to increase the skills and abilities of the participants which are Indonesian youth, as well as provide a forum for Indonesian youth to voice their decisions and improve themselves.

In Paragotral Indonesia, the team is divided into three teams. First is Parateam, the management team of Paragotral Indonesia. The second is Paramentor who provides supervision to Parateers, and Parateers are the third who are volunteers who participate in activities held by Paragotral Indonesia. Since 2020 Paragotral Indonesia has conducted two recruitments for two batches, such as First Batch Issues, and Second Batch Stories. Currently, there are 80 to 100 volunteers who are members of Paragotral from various regions in Indonesia.

To know more about this movement, let’s dig into the programs held by Paragotral Indonesia, such as:

1. ParaShare: Share Food, Share Knowledge, Share Experience, Share Perspective

This program was carried out virtually with teams from various regions in Indonesia. There are various activities in this program, one of them is a fundraising event held using a fundraising platform in several areas based on the domicile where the team members are. The proceeds from the fundraising event are used to distribute food or other basic needs for the people in need.

There is also a sharing knowledge event in parashare where the Parateam and Parateers hold various webinars about various interesting topics such as self-improvement, personal branding, one on one presentations, and health issues. Other than that, several campaigns also bring up certain issues that young people are less aware of yet important, such as the Independence Day campaign, Kartini Day, environmental campaigns such as bye-bye plastic, and save the earth, mental health campaign, and the World Down Syndrome Day which is one of the most impressive campaigns and given new knowledge for Indonesian Paragotral teams.

World Down Syndrome Day 2022 • by Paragotral Indonesia

Link: twb.nz/paragotral2022wds

In these campaigns, Paragotral Indonesia uses Twibbonize to distribute frames as a tool in carrying out movements in order to build awareness about the campaign’s concern. One of the most popular campaigns from Paragotral Indonesia in Twibbonize is International Democracy Day as it is used by almost a thousand people.

Without Justice, Democracy Turns Into Oppression • by Paragotral Indonesia

The convenience of Twibbonize encourages Paragotral Indonesia to use the frame as an easy way to build relationships with the event participants while Paragotral Indonesia is able to deliver information and knowledge effectively at the same time. It also doesn’t complicate the requirements to join Paragotral’s event, so people won’t feel burdened to join.

One more activity in Parashare program is sharing perspectives. By aiming at young Indonesians, Paragotral Indonesia produces podcasts and uploaded them on Spotify and Youtube to talk about certain issues for the youths.

2. ParaCare

This is a new program initiated in 2022 to hold activities at the orphanage, such as sharing food, and sharing knowledge with the children in the orphanages visited.

3. ParaTime: Passion, House of Ideas, House of Evaluation, Pillowtalks

This program is aimed at the internal team of Paragotral Indonesia; Parateam, Paramentor, and Parateers. One of the event’s names is the “Passion”, which is a webinar to increase the knowledge and skills of the Indonesian Paragotral team members. Another event is “Pillowtalks” for all of the Indonesian Paragotral team members to get together and have chit-chat to get to know each other better as well as to conduct an evaluation of the existing team to build a better team.

To build stronger relationships among Parateam, Paramentors, and Parateers, Paragotral Indonesia also have a “Thrill Ride” to hold a special webinar for the internal team of Paragotral Indonesia. Thrill Ride were usually held in the morning on weekends to talk about various topics, like one on one presentations, and LinkedIn optimization. They usually have games in Thrill Ride to increase the spirit of the team.

Besides the programs above, Paragotral Indonesia is currently preparing a campaign named “choose your path” to be held in the next few months. In order to provide guidance and direction for young people in managing their future, Paragotral Indonesia collaborates with various universities in Indonesia in organizing activities, such as talk shows, talent, and interest tests, and some other activities to provide real help for 3rd-grade high school students and the gap year students.

The people behind Paragotral Indonesia are always passionate and enthusiastic to be productive and realize their passion to bring a better society. Seeing the programs and the wide scope of concern by Paragotral Indonesia, we could certainly feel the high social spirit of the people in this organization.