Various activities that serve Indonesian youth to express their aspirations, abilities, talents, and thoughts are in Twibbonize to implementation. That is what our campaign creator does to create for eternity in Event Kreasi.

Event Kreasi is a creative event organizer that serves as a forum to accommodate the creative work of Indonesian youths with several lines in each focus, such as:

  • Focus on literacy by organizing writing activities to produce various types of literary works such as poetry, stories, rhymes, and others.
  • Focus on art by organizing activities that produce works other than literary works, such as photography, graphic design, handmade works, and others.
  • Focus on increasing competence and insight by organizing seminars that can have a positive impact on the participants.

Event Kreasi wants to continue to expand its reach in Indonesia so more and more young people to be able to participate and perpetuate their work with Event Kreasi. Therefore, all of these activities are held through several communication channels, such as media partners, social media, and the use of Twibbonize frames.

That way, it is ranging from junior high school students to people who have completed their education, especially in 15 to 25 years are interested in participating in the Event Kreasi activities. Despite the communication channels and the event itself, the majority of activities held by this Event Kreasi are free, always open to the public, and can be participated from anywhere as the implementation is always online.

It is not only a matter of pride and eternity that can be obtained from joining the activities held by Event Kreasi, but there are also various interesting prizes, such as analog cameras, trophies, certificates, and others for the winners of the event participants.

Currently, the Kreasi Event is holding an art-focused activity called EKRA. Since its establishment, this EKRA activity has been held 15 times, attended by 150 to 200 participants for each EKRA that has been organized by this 2-year-old Event Kreasi, and below is the Twibbonize frame for the 16th EKRA activity;

EKRA 16 • by Event Kreasi


The presence of the Event Kreasi at Twibbonize is certainly not only for the 16th EKRA. Since last year EKRA has been held involving the use of Twibbonize frames. Below are some other EKRA’s Twibbonize frames;

Twibbon Ekra 8 • by Event Kreasi


Twibbon Ekra 12 Premium Competition • by Event Kreasi


Twibbon Ekra 10 • by Event Kreasi


Behind “Creates for Eternity”

As a space in the creative process to produce something, the Event Kreasi wants to have something that can be left to everyone who has participated. That way, the tagline “Creates for Eternity” was born. Their vision is to increase literacy and become a forum for Indonesian youth to pour their talents into the fields of art, literature, and science.

One tangible proof of the tagline is the EKRA book which contains a collection of poems and short stories from 200 authors who have participated in Event Kreasi’s activities that have been selected by the team. This book has also been archived by the Indonesian government and standardized with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) from the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. With this tangible result, the Event Kreatif hopes that there will be a feeling of contribution, especially in the literacy field, from people who have participated in the Creative Event.

The activities that are closely related to art make the themes and nuances brought by the Event Kreasi always colorful and meaningful. As in EKRA 16, the Event Kreasi set the theme of “Insense Trilogy: Aroma, Sound, and Appearance”. Can you imagine how beautiful the creations made by Indonesian youths who will participate in EKRA 16 activities will be through their writings? From the activities that have been carried out, the Event Kreasi team can even see the development of the ability of its participants which continues to increase from their first participation to their current participation now.

Hanif Luthfiana, one of the Event Kreasi team who works for literary events said, “We feel that there is a real impact on our fellow participants, and we have seen that by ourselves through the development of their work.”

Event Kreasi itself stands as a part of the Mengubah Semesta Group, a house for several event organizers that primarily work in the writing field. Besides Event Kreasi, there are also several other movements in Mengubah Semesta Group, such as Penulis Zen, and Author Competition which also organizes similar events.