As Human Rights Day approaches, the issue of Human Rights has become a global concern. The Philippines Government Agency, Commission on Human Rights held a Human Rights Consciousness Week.

In line with the theme set for Human Rights Day 2021 which is Equal, the theme of Human Rights Awareness Week in the Philippines adopts the same tame by paying attention to the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic that still needs to be watched out for. The theme is “Pagkakapantay-Pantay: Isulong mga Karapatang Pantao sa Panahon ng Pandemya” or “Equality: Advancing Human Rights in a Time of Pandemic.”

“In the midst of the current pandemic, issues of equality have come to the fore and underlying inequalities in the world and in our different societies have surfaced and have become more pronounced. Inequalities in vaccines, inequalities in healthcare services, inequalities in recovering from the pandemic, inequalities in opportunities in life amidst the pandemic, inequalities in accessing life-saving medicines, and other inequalities and incidents of discrimination have exacerbated our vulnerabilities and have bred further divisions among us,” said the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Commissioner, Karen Gomez-Dumpit in the opening programme of the 2021 National Human Rights Consciousness Week.

Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines inviting its people to join this event on December, 4 to 10, 2021 as declared in Republic Act No. 9201. A Twibbonize is a means to celebrate this National Human Rights Consciousness Week.

National Human Rights Consciousness Week 2021 – by Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines


On the first day of this event, more than a hundred Filipinos have downloaded their photo on this frame. Utilizing social media networks is the right choice for today’s celebrations. The Philippines Commission of Human Rights is also active on social media with the account of @chrgovph. So, the Filipinos can celebrate it together by tagging the account on the post.

The kick-off Philippines National Human Rights Consciousness Week was held hybrid, on-site at the Liwasang Diokno at the CHR Central Office in Quezon City, and online with government and civil society representatives present through video conferencing.

According to, this week’s celebration aims to make the people aware of their basic human rights concerning the functions and services offered by various government agencies and instrumentalities. This is a form of effort that the Philippines Government continuing work for equality in dignity and rights.

For more information about the activities lined up for the 2021 National Human Rights Consciousness Week, visit the Commission on Human Rights social media.