Perfect Your Campaign with the Media Module

Enrich your campaign with Media Module. Now available in Module Store!

Empower your campaign with more than just a frame with us. By setting up a campaign in Twibbonize, you can share EVERYTHING about the campaign to your campaign participant. Simply by uploading the photo or video👌. As we always said, we come to you at your convenience, so, how simple it works?

  1. When you create a campaign, just try to utilize the “Media Module” in the Module Store.
  2. Simply type the title for any document you’d like to add there.
  3. Then, describe the document you’d like to add.
  4. Next, upload until 10 photos or videos for a campaign (without worrying the file quality please).
  5. You can also combine several format of files to upload, such as Jpg, PNG, and MP4 with any ratio of 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, and with total size of all file is maximum 100 mb.
  6. Done? Save it!

With this module, we allow your campaign participants set the full screen mode to preview all of the photos or videos you added.

Once your campaign page have it all, your campaign participant can download all files at once without necessarily extract the file or even download it one by one. By having the media file of a campaign, it is easier for the participants to be able to share the campaign information more widely.

We know, it’s good when we have all of the campaign material at one place. That’s why we proudly present to you our media module✨. So, prepare your campaign and set it very properly with us!

TikTok Video + Twibbonize = ?

TikTok Video + Twibbonize = ?

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Bahasa Melayu for ASEAN Second Language, Indonesia Response with Twibbonize

Bahasa Melayu for ASEAN Second Language, Indonesia Response with Twibbonize

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