Okay now, what’s on February?

You may have gone through emotional days, such as Valentine’s Day last February. Then, here we go with the February Campaign of the Month, “Kata Kita” or “Our Words” by RuangBercerita_Id.

Based on the fact that people tend to keep their thoughts and feelings, the campaign let us know how bad it is to keep emotions inside yourself and introduce ‘catharsis’ to people. Okay, never been heard about it? and getting curious because you can relate to the issue? Let’s jump into the insight.

The Insight

What is it? Catharsis? Ohh, it is a psychological term that refers to your emotional release. Both positive and negative emotions are buried in various good or unharmful ways. Emotions that are suppressed for too long can cause stress, frustration, even depression. It can be disastrous later on, burdened our mental, and even hurt us physically either intentionally by ourselves or other diseases can arise when we hide our emotions.

The Message

Ugh, don’t ever let those bad things happen. Be aware and stop it before it’s late. But, how? It’s natural and sometimes good to not show our emotions as we don’t want people to know our weaknesses. However, here’s the thing, when your emotions are starting to bother you, realize and express it in a good way.

Find your catharsis on “Introduction to Catharsis, A Psychological Term For Our Emotions”.