The pandemic has changed everything. A country can’t even celebrate its independence day. Another country may seem it is inconceivable how sad it was, the people in a country in West Africa when last year they were unable to commemorate their country’s important day. It is the Republic of Niger.

Diffa N’Galaa is what they named it to commemorate the anniversary of the Republic of Niger’s proclamation. This year’s celebration has just been resuscitated by President Mohamed Bazoum in 2021. La fête tournante or the rotating festival will be held on 18 December 2021 to mark the 63rd anniversary. The event will be held in the capital of Manga.

Trying to rise from the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged their country, the enthusiasm of the Niger community for Diffa N’Galaa in 20221 was shown through a Twibbonize frame.

Diffa NGlaa – by Aboubacar Moussa


More than 6 thousand Niger people have used this Twibbonize frame since the beginning of this December. Nothing is changed, the design concept of Diffa N’Galaa always looks the same with its green and orange gradient color.

The President of the Diffa N’Glaa Organizing Committee, Mr. Abdou Lawan Marouma said that it is the axis priority of the renaissance program of Niger as the renaissance culture advocates to mobilize Nigeriens, in particular, the populations of the Diffa region around the ideals of peace, unity, and development.

There is much to be said and to repeat on this rotating festival of December 18 due to the cities development by the government. As the republic of niger is going through a renaissance era. There is a controversy that emerges in the Renaissance Acts 1 and 2 due to the work of modernizing the cities.

Various opinions have emerged from various parties regarding the government’s work in this regard. However, all of the stakeholders would give their best for the progress of the Republic of Niger. Diffa N’Glaa is an important moment to work on it. Doing it digitally through the Twibbonize frame is also one of the good steps.