Shout out to the most productive yet pleasant campaign in May 2022, Mentorkuy #3 program by Produktifkuy to be the May Campaign of the Month. Produktifkuy is here to represent Indonesian youths to be the next generation of a great nation.

We have talked about Indonesian Students Being Productive with Produktifkuy with all of the programs organized by Produktifkuy, and you may find a lot of frames created by many people for Produktifkuy’s programs in Twibbonize, but this one, the third Mentor Kuy program has made it with more than 5 thousand supports.

The Insight

Mentorkuy is three months teaching volunteering program to provide assistance and hone students’ soft skills as this program is open to all public university students in Indonesia to become tutors for grades 10-12 students. This is one of the movements of a group of Indonesian youths who are joined in a digital start-up of an educational platform called Produktifkuy.

Produktifkuy aimed at achieving the Indonesian Golden Generation 2045, therefore Produktifkuy wants to boost the daily productivity of Indonesia’s young generation with this breakthrough for the lazy habit of the youth in Indonesia.

The Message

As the essence of the name “ProduktifKuy!” means to ask people to be productive, then the campaign’s aim is to encourage people to wake up from their laziness and get prepared for better education and productivity.

Every human must have that moment to be lazy, feeling not to do anything, feeling stuck, unmotivated, laying on the bed, or doing nothing is all we want sometimes as a human. No one is perfect and no one is stupid. If you want to grow and want to get out of your stuckness, then being productive is the answer. Like that sports brand said, just do it.