“Loneliness” in Mental Health and Self Development

Feelings of loneliness may be felt by many people. Feeling alone, anxious, empty, and afraid of being left behind, all of those feeling may come for no reason. Hmm, but that’s all is normal, and you’re not alone in having a feeling like that.

Feelings of loneliness may be felt by many people. Feeling alone, anxious, empty, and afraid of being left behind, all of those feeling may come for no reason. Hmm, but that’s all is normal, and you’re not alone in having a feeling like that.

There’s MatahariKita.co here! A social psychology organization that works to make people realize the importance of paying attention to mental health. MatahariKita.co actively held campaigns, webinars, and counseling.

When a person cannot have an emotional attachment to others, that is emotional loneliness, as said by Avira, a Campaign Coordinator at MatahariKita.co. We will discuss further this topic in regards to Campaign ELFA (Emotional Loneliness First Aid) by MatahariKita.co.

When Emotional Loneliness occurs, it can cause a deep psychological wound, and an individual usually distorts their perceptions and ignore their thoughts. Avira also said that loneliness can make people’s concern for their surroundings feel less even though they are not.

“A lonely person is usually afraid to give a hand to help others because they feel they do not have to be open to things that might be rejected and gave them the heartache because their heart has been hurt beyond the strength they have,” said Avira. Therefore, it is important for us to know and have first aid to maintain emotional stability. That’s the background of this campaign.

Through this campaign, MatahariKita.co share the importance of public awareness of mental health and self-development to maintain the emotional stability of loneliness in oneself.

MatahariKita.co also opens the opportunity for anyone to become an ambassador and volunteer for this meaningful campaign. Volunteers at Matahari Kita are those who take part in organizing every activity that will be held.

A Twibbonize frame has been used and shared by the volunteers on their Instagram as one of the steps that volunteers need to take. This frame is made by Indah, a Designer of MatahariKita.co. She made it by adjusting the design to other MatahariKita.co Instagram post feeds styles.

Campaign ELFA (Emotional Loneliness First Aid) – by Graphic Designer Matahari Kita

Link: https://twb.nz/twibbonelfa

Not only the volunteers who felt the ease of using the frame, but Indah also said that the MatahariKita.co team was satisfied with the efficiency in distributing the frame to potential volunteers.

More than a hundred friends of MatahariKita.co or those who are called Sunfollowers have used this Twibbonize frame. It means that more than a hundred people are also trying to become volunteers at MatahariKita.co. It is shown the enthusiasm of Sunfollowers for this campaign. Testimony was delivered by Avira who is also a volunteer at MatahariKita.co, that this campaign also provides additional knowledge for them as volunteers.

Head of Event of MatahariKita.co, Uli Elisabeth also hopes that all volunteers can identify their positive and negative emotions so that the problem of loneliness can be dealt with properly.

Meanwhile, the ambassador of MatahariKita.co carries out their role with the aim of expanding the network through the social media content, such as videos, posters, and reels on Instagram, which are shared with other friends to participate in this campaign.

To Twibbonize News, Avira conveyed a series of events that have been held for this campaign. Starting from January 18 to 20, 2022, open recruitment was held for ambassadors and volunteers for this campaign. Until the closing ceremony of this campaign, a webinar was held on January 30, 2022, with the title “Emotional Loneliness First Aid: Loneliness in Crowds, Normal or Not?” with a psychologist, called Mawaddah Khairani, M.Psi., A psychologist who is also the Co-Founder of a psychological counseling service called Aksara Jiwa.

With a series of campaign activities, education and awareness regarding mental health and self-development are certainly expected by MatahariKita.co in accordance with their shared mission. As stated by MatahariKita.co team, such as Lisken, Rafi, Uli, and Indah, a mental health issue is previously has not been spoken before and the current level of mental health cases is quite high.

Basically, this feeling can be felt by everyone, so Uli said that this campaign covers the general public so its impact can be felt by the wider community.

For Uli, “the feeling of loneliness is natural, but it doesn’t mean we have to remain silent in that loneliness. When we want to get out of that loneliness, we don’t have to hurry. It takes time as a process. So, let’s rise together to become a better person, overcome our loneliness to become a person who loves ourselves.”

To Twibbonize News, Avira shared how to deal with loneliness for everyone. You can take a deep breath, then exhale slowly, and tell yourself that everything is okay and you can handle it.

Avira hopes the campaign participants can apply the knowledge from supporting this campaign, and that MatahariKita.co as a mental health education platform can be more widely known.

Founder of MatahariKita.co, Feby Nelson also told us her hope for “anyone who joins or doesn’t join this campaign, who just read or browse about the campaign, they can realize that there are people who can feel lonely in a crowd, those people exist, and realize that humans need friends.”

Another message from Feby is no less important. “We really have different characters, so I hope that the campaign that we make over time will make people aware of being able to care, not going to judging,” said Feby.

“How nice it would be if we could understand ourselves in this world, other people could understand us as well, and all of us are care. You are like this, I am like this,” added Feby.

One more thing that inspires us is that although mental health and self-development issues have always been the focus of MatahariKita.co, Feby, as the Founder of MatahariKita.co and several other volunteers, are not from a psychological background.

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