The human population on earth is increasing over time. Life goes on, challenges should be faced by each individual. It’s hard to think about togetherness and lowering each other’s egos. Although it has been realized that challenges and setbacks are real. Sooner or later such destruction seems like will come soon.

According to, the world’s population is expected to increase by 2 billion in the next 30 years, simply producing a larger volume of healthier food will not ensure human and planetary wellbeing. Various programs are pursued by involving all groups, especially youth who have a very important role for the future. In observance of “Linggo ng Kabataan” or Youth Week in 2021, a theme of “Transforming Food System: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health” has been set.

This event invites young people to give inclusive support through collectively and individually amplifying efforts that restore the planet and protect life while integrating biodiversity in the transformation of food systems.

An attractive Twibbonize frame of this event is made to liven up by garnering some support.

Linggo ng Kabataan 2021 – by Mark John Esguerra


This Twibbonize frame has a description; Ipinagdiriwang natin ngayon ang Linggo ng Kabataan 2021 na may temang, “Transforming Food System: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”. It means that in the celebration, youth must be stand up and struggle for their voice to be heard.

More than 3 thousand Filipino youth are using this frame to share their best photo on social media as a form of support in strengthening the food and health system. The crowd emerged has shown that youths as a new generation who are ready for development.

This Twibbonize frame also tells us that all youth have equal rights and education about a regular and proper food system.

Quoted from Commission on Population and Development of Philippines, the aims of this Youth Week are to promote safe platforms where youths can engage each other along with experts and medical providers to access appropriate health information, training, and services while respecting their ability to come up with informed decisions when it comes to their health. Youth are given the freedom to be who they want to be. They are allowed to choose healthy options for themselves and extend to others, like their families and communities.

This is in accordance with Climate Change Commission (CCC) which encourages Filipino youth leaders to practice a sustainable lifestyle to help the food systems transform and reduce the carbon footprint.

So, let’s start from the small thing like with this Twibbonize frame, and let’s move forward for the bay and the planet.