Entering the second month of 2022, how was your first month in 2022? The various good and bad news that we receive will certainly teach us the lessons that are useful for the future tho.

In a special month with only 28 days, this February will be shorter for us to spend. Did you know that the Romans themselves who were the first to create a calendar with astronomical calculations in determining the day and date, spend February for the purification ceremony?

Let’s take the advantage of every moment that you will go through this February, get well prepared, remember to not repeat the same mistake, and walk your path.

So, every February, what are you always waiting for besides the Chinese New Year? Valentine’s Day? or the birthday of the Aquarius and the Pisces?

It is not just those events for your chance to feel happy, because Twibbonize is here and there with so many Twibbonize frames to enliven interesting and cool campaigns that you can join with your friends.

Here Twibbonize News summarizes the dates in February 2022 that you need to take a note of to prepare the moments that you will go through for the next month:

1 February 2022 – Chinese New Year 2573

2 February 2022 – World Wetlands Day

4 February 2022 – International Day of Human Fraternity

4 February 2022 – World Cancer Day

6 February 2022 – International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation

10 February 2022 – World Pulses Day

11 February 2022 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

13 February 2022 – World Radio Day

14 February 2022 – Valentine’s Day

15 February 2022 – International Childhood Cancer Day 2022

20 February 2022 – World Day of Social Justice

21 February 2022 – International Mother Language Day

22 February 2022 – World Scout Day

23 February 2022 – World Rotary Day

27 February 2022 – International Polar Bear Day

The national and international community will accompany you to enliven the days above. For that being said, plan your activities for those days with Twibbonize, create interesting frames and share it with your friends to celebrate them on social media!