Join The Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week 2021

Drugs are undoubtedly bad for health and society. Several countries have set tackling the drug problem as a priority. Quoted from ASEAN Preventive Drug Education, the Philippines adopts the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention which stipulates that prevention initiatives should target the various developmental stages and settings. Under the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Philippines undergoes rigorous anti-drug cleansing through the shared efforts of national government agencies, non-government organizations, faith-based groups, and the private sector.

The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) of the Philippines has set up an Anti-Drug Strategy with drug supply reduction efforts, involving aggressive law enforcement and prosecution with strong adherence to the rule of law and observance of human rights, coupled with comprehensive demand reduction initiatives and supported by strong international ties. According to Presidential Proclamation No. 124, dated November 26, 2001, the third week of November of every year has been declared as Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week to promote public awareness against the evil effects of illegal drug use as well as public cooperation in the government’s anti-drug campaign.

The Dangerous Drugs Board encourages all stakeholders to be part of the 2021 DAPC Week celebration. These Twibbonize frames may be used to support the commemoration of Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) 2021:

DAPC Week 2021

by Rhodora De Villa


“Quitting will be rough and tough, but it is worth enough” written on the frame as it is said that It’s understandable that it’s very difficult to get off drugs once you’ve become entangled in it, but you have to get through it because life must be more beautiful when you are not consuming drugs. This quote is supportive enough to encourage those who want to get away from drugs. You can also support this Twibbonize frame with almost 3 hundred other supporters in commemorating the DAPC Week 2021.

Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week (DAPC) 2021 DP Blast

by Audrey


Drug abuse during the pandemic seems to still be happening in some countries that prohibit it. This Twibbonize frame invites all Filipinos to remain aware of the evil effects of illegal drugs, especially during the celebration of DAPC Week 2021 during the current pandemic conditions.


by Beng Manili


The phrase “ikaw ang bida, ka-barkada” encircling this frame is very motivating for everyone to stay motivated and drugs do not need to be brought closer to anyone’s life. This Twibbonize frame is the participation of Olongapo City National High School (OCHNS) in the DAPC Month celebration. This Twibbonize frame has received thousands of supporters.


by Marichelle Fajutagana


“Ngayong linggo (Nobyembre 15-19,2021) ay ipinagdiriwang natin ang Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week. Ito ay may temang: Kabataan Kontra Droga sa Panahon ng Pandemya. Bilang pakikiisa, gamitin ang profile frame na ito sa buong linggo” which means “This week (November 15-19,2021) we celebrate Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week. It is themed: Youth Against Drugs in a Time of Pandemic. In solidarity, use this profile frame throughout the week” is described on this Twibbonize frame from Malitam Elementary School. There are more than a hundred people who have used this Twibbonize frame.

In 2021, the celebration of Drug Abuse Prevention and Control (DAPC) Week is from 14 to 25 November 2021 with the theme of “Share facts on Drugs, Save Lives”. This theme emphasizes the importance of combating disinformation campaigns about illegal drugs that can harm the public. It is a vital all to action to mitigate the negative impact of false information, bolter the public’s knowledge to make them less susceptible to the myths and inaccuracies surrounding illegal drugs, and intensify their resilience against the influence of drug use. According to the DDB Republic of the Philippines Office of the President, a myriad of strategies need to be put in place and operationalized in addressing the drug menace, so the government’s intensified campaign to curb illegal drugs will only succeed if it is carried out on various fronts. Therefore, support the Twibbonize frame above, or anyone can also celebrate the DAPC Week in a very easy way with Twibbonize.

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