Do you still remember your habits with your ex? When you do all the activities together with him/her, always text that person every single time, see each other every day, have dinner, and chill in certain places together. The one who is your 24/7 or your 911 to call. Yes, it all was beautiful, but now it has changed. It was the two of you, and now you have to be alone.

Hey, come on brokenhearted people, come closer here and get out of your grief. Twibbonize News just found a campaign that can provide a solution to heal the wounds in your heart.

This is ”It’s Time To Move On” from Psylution. Together with Dewa, a Psychologist from Psylution, hundreds of people have learned to grow a broken heart and safely shared the story of their broken heart in a webinar held by Psylution on Monday, January 31, 2021. If you missed this campaign, don’t be sad, because Twibbonize News has kept it for you.

“It’s Time To Move On” is the energy of power from Psylution that helps you to be aware of many things we can do to not be stuck on one thing.

Have you ever heard a story of people who are healing a broken heart by doing things that harm themselves? Like drugs, bad eating, wrong until they get overweight or underweight, or addicted to alcohol. Well of course that can’t be the right thing…

Well, in this campaign we are all taught about the right way to get through the heartbreak and move on without harming ourselves.

Dewa, who is a campaign initiator as well, invites people to move on from career, love, life, or anything in 2021 that may be left unachieved yet.

Psylution is a psychological service for all that provides online counseling with clinical psychologists and resource provision services for student organizations, universities, and companies, as well as actively presenting psychology webinars or so-called Psyminar.

At the end of 2021, Psylution met many cases of the patient who are struggling with moving on from their heartbreak. Therefore, the focus of the “It’s Time To Move On” campaign is for a love story.

A fun fact about this campaign is that this campaign is inseparable from Dewa’s personal matters.

“Let’s get up together and learn, how to knit a broken heart because if the heart is broken it can’t be healed right? But we can knit it again for the cracks don’t endanger ourselves” said Dewa.

Hundreds of participants are also invited to share good things by sharing their photos in a Twibbonize frame on their social media with captions that invite others to join the movement. With Twibbonize, Psylution managed to simplify one thing of this campaign.

The campaign participants simply access the shortened link of Twibbonize shared by Psylution and follow the simple steps to put the photo into the frame until the last step which is copying and pasting the caption that has been provided by Psylution through a simple feature in Twibbonize.

Its Time to Move On – by Dara Bella


“This campaign contains a discussion about move on and would like to invite many people who may be trying to move on to be better to go through the process and start a new page” described this campaign frame on Twibbonize.

By more than 200 people using this Twibbonize frame, Psylution hopes that their voices on social media as participants in this campaign can reach other friends who have not yet joined so that this campaign can provide even greater benefits.

In the series of campaign events, everyone involved learns together about how to move away from something that makes them uncomfortable, hurtful, and vulnerable. According to Dewa, it will be very difficult for a person to walk alone when he has a broken heart because basically a person needs support from others.

In this campaign’s main event, a webinar of “It’s Time To Move On: Growing the Broken Heart, Dewa explained the process of moving on is like when a toddler learning to walk. Moving on is a process that cannot be completed that easily, but must be going through slowly and experience the falls or setbacks a few times, that’s how move on is, we must be able to get the process.

Dewa said, “move on is like a baby who is learning to walk when the baby is crawling, they tries to stand up when the baby can’t stand up, they falls, then when the baby can stand up, a few seconds later they falls again. Just 2 to 3 seconds, the baby probably fall again, until the baby was able to stand for a long time, he walked one step and fell again, then walked two steps and fell again, five steps and fell again. Until finally he can walk smoothly.”

A message from Dewa through this campaign is that “everyone has a different time to move on. So when you try to move on or learn to walk on your path again, you have to believe in the process.”

Moving on is a journey, this is not an end destination, so every step in the journey must be meaningful. Dewa also explained “an example, when someone couldn’t move on, and like every hour checking their ex’s the social media, then in the next one or two months each day we can reduce it to only 1 hour or only two or three times a day, that means we’re progressing. That’s the real behavior of moving on. If eventually, you can let go, that’s a bonus. What matters is the meaning of the process, not the result. Results are important, but the process is far more important than results.”

Chief Executive Officer Psylution, Darwin Linanda, S.Psi also tell us a message that “heartbreak is painful, but we can get through it.”

Come on, wake yourself up for a new start, it’s already 2022, how could you stay there? So, don’t miss the campaigns that you need again. Stop stalking him, and start stalking Twibbonize and Psylution!