If you are currently feeling tired, overwhelmed, or feeling like no one can understand you, take a look inside yourself, are there any hidden emotions? Sometimes people prefer to keep what they think and feel themselves because it is difficult for them to express their feelings and thoughts to others. If you feel that way, well you are not wrong, try to see the consequences in yourself anyway.

Some experiences with people who often kept their emotions for too long and goes to bad effects for them until they suffer from certain diseases, this is the background of a campaign entitled “Kata Kita” or “Our Words” by RuangBercerita_Id.

Kata Kita Campaign is a means to spread information about how bad it is to keep emotions inside yourself and introduce ‘catharsis’ to people.

Catharsis is a term in psychology that comes from the Greek, “khatarsis” which means purification or cleansing. Catharsis is the release of any emotions, either positive or negative, all emotions that are buried through various good or unharmful ways.

Nakia Nur Amalia, the chief executive of the Kata Kita campaign who working for the design division at RuangBercerita_Id as well was told us the core message of this campaign is that emotions are suppressed for too long can cause stress, frustration, even depression. She also tells the Twibbonize team that negatively releasing emotions risks various aspects of life, so it is important to release emotions positively through catharsis.

Everyone has their own hobbies, therefore each person has different catharsis. Nakia gave an example “if my hobby is singing, I can express my emotions by singing, just like a singer, Taylor Swift, she is like to write a song about what happened to her such as a breakup, ” explained Nakia.

Express your emotions well when your emotions are starting to bother you, Nakia also explained that when you’re sad because you’re watching a movie, maybe it’s not as disturbing as when you’re sad due to you being left by someone you love. This is the condition when catharsis can work.

One recent trending story in Indonesia, which is about the dangers of burying emotions by Laura Anna is also an example given by Nakia to Twibbonize News. “Based on the story spread out, Laura always says ‘I am okay, I am fine, don’t be afraid’, and it turns out that she was always really sad and depressed but she won’t talk to anyone. So, all the people who know her, let’s wake up, we don’t hold back your emotions any longer,” said Nakia.

It is actually nothing wrong with you hiding your emotions, but this is also can not be the right thing to say. Nakia said that “as a human, we may don’t want the closest people to us to know the truth of us, and it is understandable if we don’t want to show to people how we are not okay and don’t want to show our weak side. That’s a character built since we were a child.”

The way elders treat crying kids often prohibited them to cry, and from this case, Nakia invites us to see that such treatment encourages people to hide their own emotions. This is not good, said Naika, however it should also be remembered that “we have to realize that we can’t talk to just anyone, regardless of being afraid to be seen as a weak person, or worry that our surroundings may find out, so many people don’t know where to tell their stories.

“It’s good not to show your weakness, but if you do it continuously, it won’t be good for you either,” Nakia explained.

RuangBercerita_Id was open the opportunity for anyone 15 or older to become a volunteer for the Kata Kita campaign as a channel of information about catharsis. The following Twibbonize frames from RuangBercerita_Id are used and spread by the campaign volunteers to be shared on their Instagram with the caption that has been provided by RuangBercerita_Id through a feature in Twibbonize.

Campaign Kata Kita – by Ruang Bercerita

Link: https://twb.nz/campignkatakita

Twibbonize frame is not just made, it has a philosophical meaning. The green color of this frame represents a fresh state of nature, as well as the butterfly which represents the free and unfettered human soul.

At the moment Kata Kita campaign isn’t over yet, this Twibbonize frame has got over 3 hundred supporters. Through a step with Twibbonize, the campaign involves teenagers to adults to build awareness about catharsis and tell them how to release their emotions appropriately.

“With Twibbonize, we are greatly helped because our campaign can be promoted better and the use is easy,” said Nakia.

From the beginning, the campaign targeted 150 participants who will be joined in a week, but it turns out that enthusiasm extended the registration process to two weeks. This is exceeded the expectations of RuangBercerita_Id from the audience, who is usually called Stellers.

Nakia herself will never get tired of reminding us all to not hide our emotions. “It can be disastrous later on, burdened our mental, it can even hurt us physically either intentionally by ourselves or other diseases can arise when we hide our emotions,” said Nakia.

Nakia also told Twibbonize News several ways to do catharsis, such as writing, singing, story telling to the right people, or debating useful things. The desire to create a change and help people to express their emotions for good was finally realized in the formation of RuangBercerita_Id.

As a community, RuangBercerita_Id is a place to tell stories where you can share your feelings and your day that filled by any burdens which or anything bother you, through a digital platform without any cost. The establishment of RuangBercerita_Id in October 2021 seems to achieved a success in this first campaign of Kata Kita.

Impossible without serious efforts, this campaign has been prepared since November 2021 by RuangBercerita_Id and on Monday, January 31, 2022, RuangBercerita_Id started distributing the materials about catharsis to the who participated volunteers. Everything about catharsis will always fill the Instagram of RuangBercerita_Id and the participants’ until February 4, 2022.

Anyway, don’t worry if you miss this campaign, RuangBercerita_Id are still open to listen to your story as a way of catharsis.

For those who want to tell stories, but don’t know where to share it, now you have a place in RuangBercerita_Id where eight people with psychology education backgrounds will be good listeners for you.