Instagram Post in Twibbonize, Why Not?

You can now embed any of your Instagram Post to the campaign page

Yes! Any type of feed post on your Instagram, one picture only, carousell, Boomerang, video, or even reels. All is possible to have its preview on your campaign page.

So, make it happen when you create a campaign! It’s very simple tho.

First, go to the Module Store, scroll down and click “Instagram Embed”👆. Then, give it a title, copy and paste the Instagram post URL link, and save it! Ta-Da… It’s Instagram in Twibbonize 😎

⚠️ Remember: Set the Instagram account to public, ok?

When the Campaign Meets Its Facebook Post

When the Campaign Meets Its Facebook Post

Embed Facebook into your campaign!



Embed Twitter in your campaign!

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