Indonesian youths again stand out among thousands of campaign creators at Twibbonize. This time, a digital start-up of an educational platform was established on February 9, 2020, called Produktifkuy. The name sounds cool as it means “let’s be productive”. The sincerity of the people behind it has succeeded in bringing Produktifkuy today with its current 56 team members.

As the name suggests people to be productive, the team really wants to invite you to be part of a productive generation with their tagline, #melawanmager means against laziness. As an educational platform, Produktifkuy presents to provide facilities to boost the daily productivity of Indonesia’s young generation for the sake of achieving the Indonesian Golden Generation 2045.

Before we discuss further how Produktifkuy made a breakthrough for the lazy habit in Indonesia, a message from the External Manager of Produktifkuy, Afwan Maulana Nuriyanto might be able to wake you up from your current lazy habit, he said that “we must remain productive and fight the laziness in order to have something useful, and if you want to stay productive, you can take part in the activities held by Productive Kuy.”

So, what are the programs that Produktifkuy organizes?

First, there is Learning with Kuy Productive. This is a free study program for 12th grade and gap year students who are preparing to take the Computer-Based Written Examination for the Indonesian public universities entrance exams with tutors. The tutors are university students who have registered and gone through the recruitment process and selection to be voluntary tutors. Currently, there are 9,800 students have registered to study with Produktifkuy for any subject, and 307 university students have registered to become tutors in this program. Not to be missed, Produktifkuy has created a frame for the participants of this program.

Produktifkuybbp • by Melisa


“We want to follow the audience growth where more and more people tend to use frames like this,” said Afwan.

The second movement is the Webinar Series which is annually held every month with different topics to facilitate the needs and interests of 12th grade and college students. The webinars held by Produktifkuy feature credible speakers according to the topics. Currently, 16 of the 20 total webinars that Produktifkuy has held are categorized in Webinar Series which are held on a national scale. More than 2,450 students across the cities participated in this activity. The 17th webinar series has also been prepared by Produktifkuy and will be held in May 2022.

The third is the Mentor Kuy program, which is a teaching volunteering program that is open to all public university students in Indonesia to become tutors for grades 10-12 students. One period of this program will last for 3 months, and the purpose is to provide assistance and hone students’ soft skills. The enthusiasm of Indonesian students to share knowledge with their juniors can be seen in the more than 600 participants who have registered in this program.

Mentorkuy #3 by Produktifkuy! • by Program Management – Produktifkuy


This May, Produktifkuy held the Mentor Kuy program for the third time. The Twibbonize frame for this program has also managed to get more than 5 thousand supports. The participants expressed their readiness to become mentees and mentored by seniors from the best universities in Indonesia by sharing their photo in the frame above through social media.

FourthIntern Kuy. Yes, Produktifkuy also opens an internship program with seven divisions for the first year until final year students. The internship period will last for 6 months and every month each intern will be provided with a special mentorship program for free from a credible mentor in each division. The Interns will also get free access to all of Produktifkuy’s webinars, as well as the opportunity to become a speaker, moderator, and podcaster in Produktifkuy’s. Interestingly, this program has succeeded in attracting 2027 students in Indonesia to become an intern at Produktifkuy. The readiness of the Intern Kuy participants was also shared through social media with the following frame,

internkuy • by Querencia Talks


As a testimony, here is a message from one of the interns at Produktif Kuy for the external division, Samsul who said that “I’m a super lazy person, but here with Produktif Kuy I’ve been pretty good at fighting that lazy habit.”

In addition to the internship program, the fifth is a cool program called Volunteer Kuy. This is one of the programs that encourage junior and high school students to be productive. This program is held virtually for campaigns with certain topics that are held aim to spreading positive energy to increase the productivity of young people.

This program is one of the ongoing programs with the “Good Deeds to Start A Productive Week” campaign with the following Twibbonize frame which has been supported by hundreds of students participating from all over Indonesia.

Volunteerkuy : Good Deeds to Start A Productive Week • by Querencia Talks


By the participants required to use this frame, the information about the programs spread more widely. Afwan also said that “the use of frames is a tool to analyze the market, while we see that people tend to not read the captions and tend to only see the visuals of the content. Well, with frames we can introduce the Produktifkuy program.”

Through this program, Volunteer Kuy participants are directed to be able to create daily content, either videos or photos content that encourage other audiences to be productive too. So far, the total number of Volunteer Kuy participants has reached more than 1200 people.

Last but not least, Daily Content from Produktifkuy will certainly motivate you to be more productive. Productivekuy regularly uploads content through Instagram, Tiktok, and Linkedin. This program is also an educational tool for Produktifkuy to share sharing various interesting tips and tricks such as Produktips, Wake-up Call content, Weekly Facts, infographic content, and film and book series recommendation content.

After knowing about the programs from Produktifkuy, we can realize that the presence of Produktifkuy must be closely related to the impact of student productivity in Indonesia. Cecilia Natasha Putri, Supervisor of Produktifkuy’s external division, said that it was indeed the essence of being productive that initiated Produktifkuy with these extraordinary objectives and goals.

It is known that behind Produktifkuy’s establishment there are three students with different backgrounds who want all Indonesian youth to understand the benefits of being productive to be productive. With Productivity, more future generations of the Indonesian people are expected to be productive without any obstacles.