Indonesia, The Lowest Daily New Cases in the Region, What the Behavior Change Ambassador Does?

Quoted from Jakarta Globe, Indonesia is the most populous nation in Southeast Asia now has the lowest daily new COVID-19 cases in the region when measured relative to population since Indonesia’s figure stayed below 2 percent of its peak in July. The COVID-19 handling task force in Indonesia collaborates with the government, media, community, business actors, and academics (pentahelics) to carry out their role by establishing the Behavior Change field in the COVID-19 handling task force. One of the steps taken by the Indonesian COVID-19 handling task force is to open recruitment all over Indonesia to become Behavior Change Ambassadors. In its realization, the Indonesian COVID-19 Handling Task Force also conducted a campaign related to this Behavior Change Ambassador through Twibbonize.

Duta Perubahan Perilaku by Duta Perubahan Perilaku Satgas Covid-19


Almost 4 thousand Indonesian have been supported the implementation of The Ambassador of Behavior Change to face the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia by using this Twibbonize. With this Twibbonize on their photo shared on social media, the Behavior Change Ambassadors are expected to be a driving force in providing education and outreach regarding the importance of awareness and adherence to health protocols, especially at the individual, family, and community level.

The Behavior Change field itself uses Social Media such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok as educational media about preventing the transmission of COVID-19 which is shown to the general public in high quality and attractive manner. This, in turn, is expected to reduce the rate of transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesia.

This Behavior Change Ambassador was formed by the Covid-19 Handling Task Force specifically to encourage accelerated changes in people’s behavior to comply with 3M health protocol (wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance) as a problem of Covid-19 transmission upstream. Recognizing the importance of changing the behavior of all groups, an integrated and targeted strategy, as well as solid coordination between task forces in stages, continues to be pursued in Indonesia. Currently, more than 100 thousand behavioral change ambassadors have been registered in all over 34 provinces in Indonesia.

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