Thanks to this figure, Indonesia can stand for the emancipation of women. She is called Kartini, the role model for Indonesian women. Her full name is Raden Adjeng Kartini. The story of her life to be the Indonesian national heroine is not only an inspiration but also deserves to be remembered all the time.

In accordance with her birthday on April 21, 1879, since 1964 every April 21, Indonesia has marked this day as Kartini Day. It was determined by Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno through his decision No. 108 on May 2, 1964.

What Kartini did during her life needs to be interpreted and applied in the life of the Indonesian people, especially in terms of gender equality. Quoting from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s website, Kartini is one of the heroes who fight for the emancipation rights of indigenous women who do not get equality. She always focused on women’s education, as during her lifetime women was not get the right to get a proper education.

The Story of RA Kartini

Citing the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture’s website, Karti was born into Indonesia aristocracy, in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. She is the daughter of the Regent of Jepara, Raden Mas Adipati Ario Sosroningrat and her mom is M.A. Ngasirah. Kartini had actually studied at Europese Lagere School (ELS), but after graduating from that school, Kartini was not allowed to continue her education because women were only allowed to go to school until the age of 12 at that time and after that women had to get married.

This is when the journey of Kartini started to revolutionize women’s education. When Kartini was not allowed to go to school, she still tried to fight for her education by studying on her own. She was also writing letters to the correspondence of the Netherlands with her Dutch language skills. Citing, the letters sent outlined Kartini’s thoughts on various issues including oppressive feudal traditions, forced marriage and polygamy for upper-class Javanese women, and the importance of education for girls. On the other hand, these letters also reflect Kartini’s life journey as the daughter of a Javanese regent.

Quoting from Kumparan, books, newspapers, and European magazines that Kartini had read brought this woman to the perspective of European women. It led her to a desire for Indonesian women to have broad knowledge and advanced thoughts, just like European women.

In her journey, Kartini also received support from a friend of hers, he is Mr. J.H. Abendanon who was the Minister of Culture, Religion, and Crafts of the Dutch East Indies at that time. He collected the letters that Kartini sent to her friends in Europe and recorded them into a book titled “Door Duisternis tot Licht” which means ‘Through Darkness Into Light’ and it has been published in 1911.

However, as the contents of the book are in Dutch, the book is not read by indigenous people because they do not speak Dutch. In 1992, Balai Pustaka of Indonesia finally translated the book into Malay with the title “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang: Boeah Pikiran” which means “from Darkness into Light”.

Kartini’s life journey ended when she was very young. She died at the age of 25, on September 17, 1904. Even though she had passed away, Kartini’s life story did not end there, as there are Indonesians who will always remember her distinctions.

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Hari Kartini 2022

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Selamat Hari Kartini

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Kartini 2022 SMP N 1 SAPTOSARI

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Hari Kartini 2022 – POMG PRADA

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Hari kartini

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