The days for Philipinnes society of Medical Technology students has arrived as the Region XII Medical Technology Congress is coming on January 27-29, 2022. Phismets Soccsksargen Chapter invites you katuSOX to magnificently celebrate together as one and united in this first month in 2022. Phismets Soccsksargen Chapter is a Regional Organization of Medical Technology Students.

PHISMETS SOX Regional Congress 2022 will be held with the theme of “Convergence of the Finest: The dawn of empowered, conditioned, and gifted MedTech Students of the South.” The event will be held Via Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook Live. So, don’t worry if you missed out on the opening ceremony because the opening event of Phismets SOC Regional Congress 2022 can be accessed here.

Seven participating schools of Medical Technology in the entire Soccsksargen in south-central Mindanao are represented each young men and women of wit, confidence, and charisma. The candidates from Lakan at Lakambini ng PISMETS SOX have been presented to rise above and end victorious.

This event is aimed to celebrate and witness the showcase of talents, skills, beauty, and intellect of the Bagtik Medtech students of the south.

However, a colorful and exciting frame for this event has got more than 9 hundred supporters.

Regional Congress 2022 – by Czarina Biene Frias


Not just use and share the Twibbonize frame, you are also expected to be aware and save your date for the events. You need to be familiar with its corresponding dates for you to be guided for the entire duration of the congress as the activity will last for three days.

To enliven the congress by sharing it to your social media and don’t forget to use the hashtags of #2022RegionalCongressngSOX #PHISMETSSOX #oneKatuSOXfamily.

So, let’s prepare your hearts, minds, cheers, and claps for the congress! Dali dun, let’s enjoy Katusox!