Have You Watched The Elaborate and Complex of This Ancient World Heritage?

As an art and culture enthusiast, you must be amazed by this one in the Representative List of The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Human from UNESCO. One of the world’s cultural heritage that has been designated by UNESCO on November 7, 2003, wayang kulit originating from Indonesia performs by conveying a message of good conquest of adversity through integrity, honesty, and giving back to society. The word “wayang” is from “ma Hyang”, which means towards the spirituality of the Almighty, or the word “wayang” which means the technique of performing shadows (shadows/puppets) on the screen. The day that Puppet is designated as a world cultural heritage has become the commemoration of the National Puppet Day in Indonesia.

The wayang kulit show, which is an ancient storytelling art from Indonesia that has developed over ten centuries, is even called the “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. Wayang originates from the island of Java, flourished at the royal courts of Java and Bali as well as in rural areas, and has spread to other islands (Lombok, Madura, Sumatra, and Borneo). Due to its complexity and complex musical style, wayang evolved into various local performance styles and musical accompaniments. You can also start your exploration of this extraordinary cultural heritage by supporting some of the following Twibbonize themed wayang Day and find more exciting events with the creator of the following Twibbonize to celebrate Wayang Day.

Hari Wayang Dunia VII

by Febrian Nugroho

Link: https://twb.nz/hariwayangdunia7

In commemoration of the seventh World Wayang Day, the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Surakarta through Twibbonize, invites you to join in celebrating it via Instagram by tagging Instagram of @hwd_isisurakarta and @twibbonize and using the hashtags #wayangtangguh #wayangsmart #HWDVII. There are already more than 300 supporters of Wayang Day that ISI celebrates.

Hari Wayang Nasional 2021 Pepadi Pacitan

by Bambang Elpacitano

Link: https://twb.nz/hariwayangnasional2021pepadi

This Twibbonize shows the identity of the Javanese culture where wayang come from, it can be seen from the choice of colors and the font of “national puppet day 2021” written on this Twibbonize’s photo frame.

Living Intangible Cultural Heritage Forum for Wayang Pupppet Theater in Indonesia


Link: https://twb.nz/hariwayangnasional-ke3

“Welcome To The Worldwide Home of Wayang” is the foreword of Twibbonize created by the National Secretariat of Indonesian Wayang (SENAWANGI), a non-profit organization that focuses on the preservation and development of wayang in Indonesia. Behind this Twibbonize there will be a Live Virtual via Youtube with the title “Living Intangible Cultural Heritage Forum for Wayang Puppet Theater in Indonesia” which will be held for 3 days, on 7, 8, and 9 November 2021.

Hari Wayang Nasional ke 3

by Rumah Wayang Dunia

Link: https://twb.nz/hwnke3

“Happy Celebrating the 3rd National Puppet Day, 2021. I am ❤️ Indonesia, the World’s Puppet House,” written on the description of this beautiful Twibbonize. The richness of Indonesian culture from wayang has indeed encouraged Indonesia to become the home of wayang in the world.

Saya bangga, Indonesia Rumah Wayang Dunia

by Rumah Wayang Dunia

Link: https://twb.nz/rumahwayangdunia

Written on this Twibbonize “I am proud, Indonesia is the World’s Puppet House” to celebrate Wayang Day. The Indonesian people indeed should be proud of the cultural wealth that has been recognized by the world.

Hari Wayang Nasional

by Robby Irhamny

Link: https://twb.nz/hariwayangdisbudpar

Besides wayang, batik is also an Indonesian cultural identity, as used in the Twibbonize’s element from the Salatiga City Culture and Tourism Office, this Twibbonize looks beautiful for your photo to be shared on social media during the Wayang Day celebration.

Selamat Hari Wayang Nasional

by Bidang Kebudayaan Disbudpar Prop. Jatim

Link: https://twb.nz/bidangkebudayaandisbudparjatim

With a beautiful gold background, this is a Twibbonize from the Culture and Tourism Office of East Java Province and has received more than 200 supporters.

Hari Wayang Nasional

by Mas Kukuh Andri

Link: https://twb.nz/hariwayangnasional

If you are looking for Twibbonize that can provide a large space for your photos, this Twibbonize can be your right choice. The wayang orang photo on the right side of this Twibbonize photo frame is very interesting for you to use on the National Wayang Day celebration.

Hari Wayang Nasioanal 2021

by Disbudpar kudus

Link: https://twb.nz/wayang2021

Through this Twibbonize, the Kudus Culture and Tourism Office invites people to participate in celebrating National Wayang Day. “Let’s celebrate the national puppet day on November 7, 2021,” wrote this Twibbonize description.

Hari Wayang Jatim

by Mohammad Nurfaidzin

Link: https://twb.nz/hariwayangjtm

From East Java, a Twibbonize was created by the Cultural Civil Service Forum to celebrate World Wayang Day. More than 200 people have used Twibbonize to share on social media during Wayang Day.

If you are interested to watch in live show how exciting the puppet performance is, Indonesia might be your holiday destination. You can visit major cities in Central Java to East Java, such as Semarang, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, and Banyuwangi. Wayang performances are usually held during Cultural Festivals or at historical tourist destinations, such as the Borobudur Temple and the Yogyakarta Palace. In Bali, wayang also performs as a series of complementary events for traditional and religious ceremonies.

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