Hacking Your Way Into Becoming a Twibbonize Campaign Creator Machine

With the rapid development of technology, just like other aspects in our lives, marketing too has become more seamless and automated. Take Twibbonize, where creating impactful digital campaigns is literally as easy as putting a frame to your profile pictures.

Create and use templates for your frames or find help

Whether you’re making a campaign for your business or for some fun celebration, we all can agree that one of the most time-consuming activities in creating a campaign on Twibbonize is making the frame from scratch.

“Is it too flashy for a business campaign?”

”Are the ornaments in a good proportion and position?”

While those arguments vary depending on your campaign, hours seem to fly by (no exaggeration) while you’re setting up your campaign’s frame.

By using free digital resources like Canva, you can save hours of your time by creating frame templates that you can use and repurpose for any campaigns you want to create.

“What if I don’t have a single clue on how to design a good campaign?”

Worry not, we’ve got you! Here are our two cents on how to create a good campaign design:

  • Use epic CTA to make your campaign pop out
  • Give a decent space for participants to use and make your campaign participants visible

  • For Indonesian creators, you can also check our short how-to tutorials:
  1. How to design a frame with Canva
  2. How to design a frame with Adobe Photoshop
  3. How to design a frame with Adobe Illustrator
  4. How to design a frame with Figma
  5. How to design a frame with Microsoft Powerpoint
  6. How to design a frame with Affinity Designer

Still too much trouble for you? Give Twibbonize Marketplace a try and leave it to the experienced third-party service providers, saving you even more time while also adding a professional flair to your campaign design.

Make a content calendar

Feeling like you’re always in a rush while creating campaigns? Having a content calendar will help you to solve that issue.

With a content calendar, you can plan and strategize your upcoming campaigns, be it weekly or monthly, so you won’t have to scrabble at the last minute upon realizing that today is Father’s Day.

A great way to grow your campaign audience and engagements is to get involved and stay alert to the current trends, which you can then channel into your campaigns. You can use resources like Google Trends (which is free) to provide you with some data and graphs on the popularity of specific search terms used on Google and YouTube to give you some ideas.

Surfing your way through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok is also worth a go!!

Gamify your campaign

Like with any marketing strategy, it’s important to find the best strategy for your picture frame campaigns. Posting only a frame with a decent-enough caption for every campaign is a bit dull and boring, right?

There are several ways that can be done: make the connection between the campaign and the audience with giveaways and some additional silly–but still in context– picture frames! These formats are ideal to gather new audiences for your campaign.

Source: twb.nz/cleoxcatfatcher, twb.nz/dp-giveaway-lsw-biocarbon-2-black

Make the most out of the modules feature

As you put everything together for your campaign, you need to determine which modules to use and how to utilize them.

The first step is to set specific goals for each of your campaigns. It’s not enough for the audience to only use a frame of your brand’s campaign if you also need to grow your audience on YouTube, for example. If that’s the case, simply adding a YouTube embed module to your campaign can help you to reach the goal. Or if you need more people to install your newly-launched application, adding a button module will help you to redirect your target audience to the App Store.

Thus, the modules can help you to guide your audience, all the way to your goals. So use them wisely!

Follow these tips, and you’ll find that your campaign-making process has become more streamlined and better than ever. Get creating!

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