On the east side of Java Island in Indonesia, the treasures of Indonesian cultural arts were born there. In Ponorogo Regency, there is a traditional dance that is sure to amaze anyone watching it, called Reog. The city is even known as Reog City.

Together with artists, reog craftsmen, schools, universities, and reog associations, the Regional Government of Ponorogo Regency made a proposal team to brought Reog to the Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The head of the Department of Culture, Youth Tourism and Sports of Ponorogo Regency is contributing and visiting several areas in the effort for Reog himself as well. Yes, for reog.

With the assistance from experts and professors, the proposal team of reog was collecting data, compiling documents, making videos, and preparing the conditions needed for reog to be selected and submitted as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia to UNESCO in 2022.

One of the efforts made by the team for reog this time is through Twibbonize.

REOG ROAD TO ICH UNESCO – by Pariwitasa Ponorogo

Link: twb.nz/reogponorogo

This frame is made with the philosophical values from the reog culture. It can be seen that the space for your photo in this frame is made with the silhouette of reog. In addition, the combination of red and black colors used is also a characteristic of Ponorogo Regency.

To reach support beyond Indonesia, the frame “REOG ROAD TO ICH UNESCO” was made in several languages at the following links;

Sweden – twb.nz/reogponorogo-sweden

Serbia – twb.nz/reogponorogo-serbia

Korea – twb.nz/reogponorogo-korea

English – twb.nz/reogponorogo-english

Germany – twb.nz/reogponorogo-germany

Netherlands – twb.nz/reogponorogo-thenetherlands

Spain – twb.nz/reogponorogo-spain

France – twb.nz/reogponorogo-france

The Promotion and Partnership Team at the Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports of Ponorogo Regency also displayed the Twibbonize frame link in the form of a barcode and disseminated it in several tourist attractions in Ponorogo. This promotional media is definitely easier for anyone who wants to support reog. With this effort, reog managed to get a total of tens of thousands of supporters on Twibbonize.

One of the Promotion and Cooperation teams in the Marketing and Creative Economy Department of the Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports Office of Ponorogo Regency, Thridy said that “this is proof that there are many people who support the preservation of reog, it shows that reog truly needs to be patented.”

Thridy expressed the hope of the entire proposal team of reog that the support from the Twibbonize frame can strengthen the proposal for reog to become an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia by UNESCO.

The involvement of dozens of reog communities in Ponorogo in supporting the proposal of Reog to this world was carried out together with the communities from outside of Ponorogo. It shows that although reog was born, grew, and developed in Ponorogo, it has been brought, developed, and preserved in other parts of Indonesia as well. Thus, reog no longer belongs only to the people of Ponorogo, but reog has become a culture belonging to the entire nation of Indonesia.

Thridy said that many good impacts were manifested in the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation from reog , so the rules in the reog cultural tradition needed to be maintained and should not be changed.

Indonesia has extraordinary cultural diversity. Differences have always been the strength and unifier of the nation. However, it can also be an urgency for its unity and need more preservation efforts, including reog. As Thridy said that in 2009, that reog has been tried to be claimed by other countries. “Reog is one of the tools to unify the nation, we need to fight for it, and bring it to UNESCO,” said Thridy. So, will you support reog to grow with its authenticity?