Not only its nature but Indonesia is also rich in its cultural diversity. The beauty of culture truly exists in the midst of a regional society in Indonesia. We have discussed several cultural festivals that have been held previously by local governments in Indonesia. This time, there is another event in arts and cultural festival that is taking place in Bengkulu Province, the second largest city on the west coast of Sumatra Island, namely the Bengkulu Tabot Festival.

Tabot Festival will be held from 29 July to 9 August 2022 and is centered at Merdeka Square, Bengkulu City. Citing, the Tabot Festival will be located in the Bengkulu City Cultural Park and the Balak Semarak of the Bengkulu Provincial Government. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tabot Festival which is held offline is limited to a maximum of 100 visitors per day. However, the Festival can also be attended online.

The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy included the Tabot Festival in the Karisma Event Nusantara (KEN) agenda in order to increase the attractiveness of cultural tourism in Bengkulu. Then, what’s in the Tabot Festival? The main procession of the Tabot Festival is that a ritual will be carried out directly by the Ark’s Descendant Family (KKT). Quoting, the Tabot Ritual is yearly held in Bengkulu from the 31st of Zulhijah to the 13th of Muharram to commemorate all those who were martyred in the war in Padang Karbala, including the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Husein. Besides the ritual, there will also be various competitions, as well as a bazaar for Bengkulu Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

A few days before the Tabot Festival, a Twibbonize frame created to enliven this event has also received a lot of support.

BENGKULU TABOT FESTIVAL 2022 • by bengkulu tabot


As of this writing, more than 3 thousand supports have been given to support the success of the Tabot Festival through the Twibbonize frame. By supporting digital campaigns such as the Twibbonize frame, not only Bengkulu residents, but all Indonesian people can support this Festival so that it can be increasingly known throughout the world, as the power of social media that makes our communication is no boundaries now.