Do you see the beautiful frames featured above? It is cool at the same time, yes we know! Here we tell you, this frame comes from a Thai movie series entitled “The Ocean Eyes”. This is the first film on the theme of aquatic veterinary medicine in Asia.

The scene will bring you to an aquatic veterinary team produced by multi-talented Thai actor, Mew SupPasit Chongcheewat. The relationship between humans, aquatic animals, and the sea is packed with the background of the national marine research center.

The Ocean Eyes series is a joint venture with other countries, such as China and America. There are many leading actors who bright up the series from those countries, such as Tul Phakorn, Aye 4eve, Jack Kittisak, Tom-Polawat, Ann-Wasana, Fresh-Arisara, Than Saksit, Sani Nipaporn, Nino Methanee, B Dares, Phum Rangseethananon, Phoenix Balson, Singto Namchok, Tukky Sudarat and many more again.

Psst, a little spill here; some of the young actors act as the Ocean Eyes Special Medical Unit or the OE team of veterinarians, and Mew-Suphasit is also the main cast as Natee, with three other main casts, such as Peak-Pheemphon as Sense, Belle-Kemisara as Grace, and Liu-Morakot as Kitty. It’s known that the behind-scenes team is coming from Hollywood as well, including Rick McCullum, Herbert Priming, Drew Thomas, Wayne Rose, Henry Gilroy.

On 9 March 2022, a celebration of the blessing ceremony of The Ocean Eye has been held. The star cast, foreign team & fans are gathered together. Not everyone by the way, reportedly some cast couldn’t attend the ceremony due to prior commitments.

What was wondrous about the event is there were 40 food trucks were sent to the ceremony location to support the cast and the team by fan clubs from all around the globe.

Thousand of support from around the world also spread throughout Twibbonize and social media platforms with Twibbonize frames below;

THE OCEAN EYES – Team The OE • by hwiu mgpfg all for mewgulf


Mpix • by Mpix


The crowd of attractive posts to support this movie is something to be proud of in the film industry. It sounds so stunning and exciting masterpiece to enjoy, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, Mew Supasit said that this series will be enjoyed all over the world.

“For overseas promotions, we will try to go worldwide as much as possible. Since that is one of our goals, I hope the series can be seen in almost every country in the world, and there are plans for overseas promotions as well,” said Mew Suppasit, quoted from bangkokbiznew.

Are you curious to watch the movie? Let’s just support the frame, first!