“Revs your Heart”, who are not familiar with this tagline? The company that produces motorcycles and has been present in Indonesia since 1974, is Yamaha. July is a special month for Yamaha, as July 6, 2022, was 48 years that Yamaha accompanied the mobility of many Indonesian people, and July 1 was also the 67th anniversary of Yamaha Motor Company (YMC). Therefore, Yamaha celebrates its day which is called Yamaha Day right when the month of July is starting

Cited to yamaha-motor.co.id, on this happy day, Yamaha also wants to share the spirit of “Ties in A New Age” or a strong bond in a new era that illustrates solidarity to rise together and continue to create new Kando during this difficult time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Kando is a philosophy that Yamaha Indonesia continues to hold. According to yamaha-motor.co.id, Kando is a Japanese term that means an instantaneous feeling that arises due to the deep satisfaction and immense joy experienced when we feel something of great value.

In 2022, Yamaha Indonesia held special activities for its consumers in the country to celebrate Yamaha Day for 1 month starting on July 1, 2022, until July 31, 2022. There is a Yamaha Day Photo Competition where Yamaha consumers show their happy expressions at the moment with their Yamaha in a Twibbonize frame below;

Yamaha Day 2022 Photo Competition • by Yamaha Indonesia

Link: twb.nz/frameyamahaday2022

Based on the support that the frame received at Twibbonize, this Yamaha Day 2022 Photo Competition received almost 46 thousand support from the Indonesian people from several regions in Indonesia. With that being said, Indonesian people’s enthusiasm for Yamaha Day 2022 can also be seen, especially Yamaha has prepared attractive prizes for the winners, such as 1 unit of Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected motorcycle, as well as 5 Yamaha helmets and official apparel from Yamaha Indonesia. This event is organized by Yamaha Indonesia together with Yamaha branches in several regions throughout Indonesia. The use of the Twibbonize frame is also communicated through Yamaha’s internal teams, such as dealers, leasings, distributors, and Yamaha communities spread throughout Indonesia.

By organizing this activity, Yamaha Indonesia not only will strengthen its relationship with the consumers but Yamaha Indonesia’s Digital Customer Experience, Rofi Suprimanto also said that “the branding of Yamaha and Yamaha Day can be recognized by more and more people too.”

This is not the first time Yamaha Indonesia to create a Twibbonize frame. In 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic case is quite at its peak in Indonesia and most of the activities take place online, Yamaha Indonesia also chose to hold Yamaha Day 2021 using Twibbonize.

Yamaha Day 2021 • by Yamaha Indonesia

Link: twb.nz/yamaha2021

So, since last year, Yamaha Indonesia invites all its customers in Indonesia to celebrate Yamaha Indonesia’s birthday by sharing their experiences with Yamaha Indonesia along with the use of the 2021 Yamaha Day frame in Twibbonize on their social media.

Through this activity, Yamaha Indonesia’s Coordinator of Digital Marketing, Titho Drastian, also said that as a result, Yamaha Indonesia was able to see the consumer’s point of view on Yamaha. In the end, this special day is not only meaningful but also has a positive impact on Yamaha Indonesia, especially in strengthening its relationship with markets in various regions in Indonesia.