United Nations Chapter at the oldest and biggest public university in Tanzania, the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) provides opportunities for students to contribute to the country’s sustainable development through U-Report University Ambassador at UDSM. U-Report is a free social messaging platform used as a tool by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to empower young people and gather their opinions around the world to speak out on the issues they care about. UN Chapter at UDSM has well utilized Twibbonize to introduce U-Report University Ambassadors with the frame below.

I am a #U-ReportUni-Ambassodor – by UN Chapter at UDSM

Link: https://twb.nz/iamaureportuniambassodor

Students who support this frame have shared it on their social media and show how excited they are to be selected by UN Chapter at UDSM and U-Report Tanzania to become a U-Report University Ambassador at UDSM. According to the Twibbonize frame’s caption, on Saturday 4th December, the information session will be conducted at the University of Dar es Salaam.

There are hundreds of UDSM students who are interested and passionate in championing the Sustainable Development Goals both in and out of the university. This can be seen from the more than 3 hundred supports that this frame has received. The students will learn, impact lives, and network with like-minded youths and the wider United Nations Family as they deliver together the SDGs.

UNICEF and partners developed U-Report to capture a range of voices on critical development issues. So, U-Report Tanzania enables adolescents and young people to report on issues affecting themselves and their communities as well as to get real-time information and feedback on new campaigns as it is a FREE multi-channel platform. They will also be U-Reporters by texting their opinions and ideas of their concerns via SMS or social media. This is one way to ensure youth participation. Connect, connect with their leaders and get real-time information or feedback on new initiatives and campaigns are what will they go through for U-Report.

According to the Your Voice Your Future Report that has collected views of over 450.000 young people in Africa and Europe, U-Report also encourages citizen-led development, facilitates responses to humanitarian emergencies and magnifies local voices globally to create positive change, as people are allowed to respond to polls, report concerns, support child rights and work to improve their communities. This report also said that currently, there are more than 12 million U-Reporters present in more than 75 countries.

The background of this movement is that the fact stated on Your Voice Your Future Report, children and young people aged 15-30 years make up a quarter of the world’s population and they have the right to say what they think should happen, and the right to have their opinions considered on issues affecting their lives. For United Nations and UNICEF, young people, including the most marginalized and excluded, can provide valuable information when reporting on what’s happening in their communities, and it will improve their own lives and those of their peers.

The UDSM is located on the western side of Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania and was established on July 1. Sustainable development seems like has always been a concern for UDSM as at its Golden Jubilee in 2011, UDSM inaugurated its Vision 2061, a blueprint charting the way for its future development and its vision to become a leading Centre of Intellectual Wealth spearheading the Quest for Sustainable and Inclusive Development.

Access more information about U-Report and UN Chapter at UDSM stay tuned for the information session at their social media Instagram at ureporttanzania and udsm_un_chapter.