This is it, the January Campaign of the Month!

Some campaigns are just so mean, and we have wrapped them as our featured campaigns in Featured articles. As deep reasoning and purpose of ELFA campaign, it served to not only as a featured campaign of Twibbonize, but also a Campaign of the Month in Twibbonize as it is relatable with most people.

Up here in a series of activities in the “Emotional Loneliness First Aid” campaign we have been leaning into lonely feeling. An unpleasant feeling becomes no more pathetic. It’s all because of the aid from

The Insight

Amongst many psychological campaigns for mental health, the campaign Emotional Loneliness First Aid (ELFA) choose to help people to get out of the lonely feeling as it has not been spoken before and the current level of mental health cases is quite high.

The Message

Some people in charge of this campaign, including the Founder of had told us some important messages about emotional loneliness. Every feeling that we felt is normal. Sometimes, that is okay to feel lonely even if the feeling occurs when you are in a crowd. You just have to find and stabilize your emotion. Identify your positive and negative emotions and don’t get drowned in a deep psychological wound when your perceptions are distorted and your thoughts are ignored.

Find out more about how to deal with loneliness on “Loneliness in Mental Health and Self Development.”