Seven months have gone in 2022, and we have been through it with hundreds to thousands of campaigns that worked for various fields of life in Twibbonize. However, the campaign of the month for this July goes to a campaign that never stops for creativity.

Not only being a space for youth to show their abilities, talents, and thoughts, this elected Twibbonize campaign creator for this month also keeps their efforts to appreciate the works and creation they receive in order to create eternity. It is the Event Kreatif, which is currently holding a competition for colorful and meaningful works under the name EKRA for the 16th time in Twibbonize.

The Insight

“Create for Eternity” is the ground of Event Kreatif in holding EKRA. That way, both EKRA and Event Kreatif are welcomed by Indonesian youth who want to express themselves through creativity. Mainly, several lines become the focus of EKRA, such as the line of literature, the line of art, as well as the line of competence and insight.

That’s why, through EKRA, the Event Kreatif creates literary works such as poetry, stories, rhymes, artworks such as photography, graphic designs, handmade works, and other activities such as seminars that have further benefits more than just a creation. One tangible piece of evidence of that purpose is the books that have been published which contain the selected literary works from the previous EKRA participants. That’s how Event Kreasi realizes eternity by creation.

The Message

Not just organizing events and not just being a forum for youth’s creativity, but Event Kreatif shows that all efforts put into creating a work deserve the highest appreciation, and it would be nice if work can have a more and more significant contribution and benefit.

The Kreasi Event wants the works that people create to are not in vain and can leave something valuable. That’s why Event Kreasi is there and Create for Eternity.

Find out more about how Event Kreasi creates eternity on 👉 “Realizing the Eternity by Creation.”