When dealing with tough situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not only physical health that we need to be aware of and pay attention to, but mental health is also important for us to take care of. By realizing this, in 2021, an initiative was born to establish an organization with a vision to become the foremost pioneer with the younger generation in order to build the psychological well-being of the Indonesian people through increasing awareness of the importance of mental health, mind, and behavior in life. On March 15, 2021, the organization was established and named “Literasi Psikologi Indonesia” or Indonesian Psychological Literacy.

The main purpose is to educate Indonesian people by initiating a leading standard in the psychology field, especially regarding mental health, and to disseminate it directly with creative and innovative programs. Currently, there are approximately 100 members of the Indonesian Psychological Literacy team spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago. The team is divided into several departments to jointly create a space for the younger generation to collaborate, and work together through the best psychological education.

Through social media, the entire Indonesian Psychological Literacy team also seems to have a fairly close relationship with their audience which is called “Lify friends”. To Twibbonize, the Founder and CEO of Indonesian Psychological Literacy, Rahmad Wedi Apriansyah Putra wanted to tell you a message that “if any of you are feeling angry, deep inside yourself have a lot of thoughts, if you are feeling blue, down or anything that might cause a self-harming or self-defeating. Please, please, please reach out the professional help such as a psychologist or psychiatrist”.

The relationship between Indonesian Psychological Literacy and their Lify friends cannot be separated from the way the team always introduces themselves to show their readiness and share their role as part of the Indonesian Psychological Literacy with Twibbonize frames on social media.

Twibbon Literasi Psikologi Indonesia • by literasipsikologiindonesia

Link: twb.nz/literasipsikologiid

Twibbon Staff Resmi Literasi Psikologi Indonesia • by literasipsikologiindonesia

Link: twb.nz/twibbonstaffresmib8

One department whose members just joined and introduced themselves with a Twibbonize frame is the Mental Health Promoter department. They are responsible for psychological counselling and education which are carried out systematically and structured from its planning, research, to implementation process. The activities carried out by Mental Health Promoter are addressed to high schools and universities or campuses in several cities of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, and Yogyakarta.

Mental Health Promotor Literasi Psikologi Indonesia Batch 2 • by literasipsikologiindonesia

Link: twb.nz/oprecmentalhealthpromotorlpib2

Those who had the opportunity to be part of the Indonesian Psychological Literacy introduced themselves to Lify friends with the Twibbonize frame as displayed above while participating in debriefing activities during the orientation or introduction to the Indonesian Psychological Literacy stage.

Meanwhile, recently Indonesian Psychological Literacy also opened recruitment for the 12th ambassador department. Just like Mental Health Promoters, Indonesian Psychological Literacy Ambassadors also went through the process of introducing Lify friends with a Twibbonize frame as you can see below.

Twibbon Officially Ambass of Literasi Psikologi Indonesia • by literasipsikologiindonesia

Link: twb.nz/twibbonambassresmib12

The current active ambassadors of Indonesian Psychological Literacy are those who are recruited in batch 11 with a total of 50 members spread throughout Indonesia.

It’s only been about a year since it was founded, but the enthusiasm of Indonesian people to get involved in the movements held by Indonesian Psychological Literacy can be seen in the hundreds of supporters and participants reached in the activities. The true commitment of Indonesian Psychological Literacy to achieving its vision and mission can be seen through the reflection of the achievements from the activities they have held, such as various projects, various webinars that have been held more than 20 times, as well as various other mental health campaigns.

The activities held by Indonesian Psychological Literacy are a direct effort in achieving the organization’s goals of providing answers to solving the common mental health problems among young people.

So, what exactly is Indonesian Psychological Literacy doing?

One of the efforts is to provide opportunities for the younger generation of Indonesia to explore and show off their talents through the Indonesian Psychological Literacy program Got Talent. This is an event for Indonesian students, staff, and alumni of the Indonesian Psychological Literacy team, as well as any employees to show their interests, talents, and potential.

Indonesian Psychological Literacy has also carried out charity or fundraising programs, such as the Distribution of Donations for Palestine with ACT for Humanity, care donations for humanity with Tahfidz Yatim Dhuafa Al Furqon Islamic Boarding School, and Al-Qur’an Waqaf Islamic Boarding School Tahfidz Yatim Dhuafa Al Furqon, also Pray for NTT “United to Help Flood Victims with Indonesian Psychological Literacy”.

The most popular campaign from Indonesian Psychological Literacy on Twibbonize is a campaign titled “Cintai Dirimu” or love yourself which was held in February 2022. Wella Ayu Febriana, Head of Department Secretary of Indonesian Psychological Literacy said that the background of this campaign was motivated by their research and analysis result that many young people have not been able to love themselves.

“People tend to prioritize others’ interests, they like to compare themselves with others, whereas we all have our own indistinguishable paths,” said Wella.

Twibbon Volunteer Campaign Cintai Dirimu dengan #CareofYourself • by Literasi Psikologi Indonesia Merchandise

Link: twb.nz/careofyourself

Cited the Indonesian Ministry of Health, mental health problems have become an unresolved health problem both at the global and national levels, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not only on physical health but also on mental health. The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of Indonesia reported that the value of the Youth Development Index in 2020 also decreased by 1.67 points from the previous year, where this index is a measuring tool for youth development in important aspects such as education, health and welfare, employment and employment opportunities, participation and leadership, and gender and discrimination. With that being said, innovation is needed to deal with this, and this is where the role of Indonesian Psychological Literacy goes with this movement.

More than 900 people participated and used the Twibbonize frame for this campaign. Through this campaign, Indonesian Psychological Literacy also provides an understanding to young people that loving oneself is important and must be carried out by everyone. Through the publication of digital content and webinars, Indonesian Psychological Literacy shares information on how to understand and love yourself, how to do self-upgrades, and other individual psychological sciences. A theme that is quite relevant for Indonesian youths, therefore this movement has generated extraordinary enthusiasm.

“The theme is quite relevant to the current situation, so many people engaged to participate in this activity,” said Wella.

A few weeks ago, Indonesian Psychological Literacy also held a webinar to help Lify friends who are trying to get a job. This event is titled “CV Hacks” webinar. The purpose is to share knowledge about how to create a good and effective CV to get a job.

This activity shows that the efforts of this organization are more than just mental health. The burden of being a youth is not easy and there are many things that young people tend to always pursue for their future.

You may have done a self-upgrade with a healthy mentality, and you may already have any soft skills and hard skills, but Indonesian Psychological Literacy sees one thing that Lify friends need, especially those who are trying to get a job, the importance of a CV as something that is needed at the first step to get a job.

In addition, another concern that often becomes the anxiety of young people is that when an individual is about to enter adulthood, there is a time when we have to make a decision amid uncertainty, worry, and disappointment. This often happens to young people, especially those aged 20 to 30 years who are in a period of searching to know themselves, we often refer to it as the ‘quarter-life crisis’ period.

Wella said that “considerating the current situation, many young people are confused, worried, anxious about the uncertain future. Now, we want to help the young generation to be able to get through these conditions in a good wayfinding solution so that they are expected to be able to do the self-upgrade, not to be lost, and not to give up.”

Seeing how crucial the quarter-life crisis is, Indonesian Psychological Literacy has planned a webinar to be held nationally with the topic “How to Overcome WORRY and Anxiety Against Life Uncertainty” on May 21, 2022. A Twibbonize frame is available for you to use as a form of your participation or support in this activity.

Twibbon Webinar Quarter Life Crisis • by literasipsikologiindonesia

Link: twb.nz/webinarquarterlifecrisis

There are many other campaigns have been carried out by Indonesian Psychological Literacy other than those mentioned above. What Indonesian Psychological Literacy does and provides for us are needed by today’s young generation. The issue and concern are very relevant to the lives of young people, this movement will certainly be a new success for Indonesian Psychological Literacy in achieving its vision and mission.

Since its establishment, the strategies and implementations carried out by Indonesian Psychological Literacy in its efforts are also evident in the enthusiasm and support they got. So, make sure you don’t only see or read the information, but also show your participation and support to build good mental health for the environment around you because every change starts with yourself.