Corporate’s Hope for Employee’s Safety and Security

Safety and security for employees while working often has become a concern and an issue for corporations around the world. There will be no achievement of the company without a sense of caring and protecting all of the stakeholders. This applies to every company in any field.

Zero Harm Week 2021 by Rachmat Saleh, Rasti Shehono, dan AF

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A company that was founded in 1865 from Albert Lea, Minnesota, that now existed in countries around the world, Cargill realizes that work in the food, agriculture, financial and industrial sector can be dangerous as most places are in farms and factories. Several accidents and injuries might be devastating for the people, situation, and condition in it. Zero harm is baked into Cargill’s strategy at Cargill as a fundamental way of working and living continuously improving. As Cargill’s committed to identifying risks and measures to reduce or eliminate all of the risks, Cargill also reminds safety to all team and introduces the Cargill LIFEsavers. Along with that Cargill held an annual event, Zero Harm Week, through Twibbonize. The campaign of Zero Harm Week by Cargill has obtained hundreds to thousands of supporters on Twibbonize.

Cargill’s event on Twibbonize is a great example for another company. Do not let new cases arise regarding inappropriate treatment in a company that is carried out only for profit. Quoted from Cargill Australia’s website, they have been decided that safety is one of Cargill’s top priorities and to go well beyond safety as an objective at Cargill. “Our aim is zero harm. Some of our team in Cargill are exposed to more obvious risks on a day-to-day basis, such as our storage and handling sites and at our crushing facilities. But zero harm needs to be the objective for every single employee, customer, contractor, and community member” said the Managing Director of Cargill in Australia on their website. You can also support the campaign easily by visiting the link or finding it by exploring the Twibbonize page. Putting your photo inside the frame and sharing it on your social media will be meaningful for the awareness of the company and the people around.

Furthermore, health and safety that need to be considered not only physically, mentally must be a concern too. A company is supposed to care about the health and wellness of the people inside because the relationship between the company and its stakeholders is a reciprocal relationship that mutually.

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