Commemorating Independence Day is inseparable from the history of a country, as independence must be born from a troublesome journey. On June 12, 2022, it has been 124 years since the first President of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed independence from the Spanish colonial rule and the Filipino flag unfurled for the first time in 1898. Independence day means the nation has made great strides.

The Flag of the Republic of the Philippines has decorated every side of the towns and cities in the Philippines. Since its independence, the Philippines became a newly industrialized country and have an emerging market.

It is the day for Filipinos to remain the sacrifices of national heroes, appreciate the country’s sovereignty, instill nationalist feelings, as well as celebrate Filipino culture and tradition. In 1962, President Diosdado Macapagal declared a presidential proclamation that set it as a public holiday by signing the Republic Act No. 4166 on August 4, 1964.

During Independence Day, many national events were held to commemorate the Philippine Independence day, including the nationwide parades which were participated by government officials, employees, and students.

Today, all Filipinos are able to celebrate this special day from anywhere in the world with Twibbonize. Below are various Twibbonize frames that you can use to celebrate Philippine Independence Day together by sharing your photo in the frame on social media.

Philippine Independence 2022

by Andrei Marcus


124th Philippines Independence Day

by Leah Montemayor


Kalayaan 2022

by iChan Teaño


Philippine Independence Day Celebration 2022

by Dave Chavez


Kalayaan 2022 @LPCNSHS- CAA Campus

by Anna Marie Duaman


Philippine Independence, June 12, 2022 —Rise Towards the Challenge of a New Beginning

by Rene Jushua


Philippines Independence Day



“Marine Battalion Landing Team-7 Joins the whole nation in celebration of the 124th Philippine Independence Day”

by Ron Testudines


Let’s build a nationalist spirit as a Filipino citizen on social media by inviting your Filipino friends to celebrate together with you by using the frame. Or you can also create one Independence frame using your own creativity to be presented to the country by sharing it with your family and friends with Twibbonize. You can do it easily by following the Twibbonize Guide.

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan Pilipinas!